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Chapter 7
Reunion part 2: The truth

Inside the Eagle, there were seven guest rooms, a bathroom, training room, an engine room, a medical facility, and finally the bridge.

Roku sat in the control panel to operate the ship. Hiro, Dani, Kaden, and Preed sat on the chairs next to the window.

Roku: Okay, prepare for lift off.

As the Eagle started to experience turbulence, Hiro started to feel uneasy.

Roku: Feeling okay, kid?

Hiro: N-n-n-n-never b-b-b-better!

Then the ship shoots out of orbit. He looks out of the window to see what's outside. He was amazed to see the stars up close.

Hiro: This is amazing!

Dani: Hmm?

Hiro: Flying through the stars like this, I mean it's amazing.

Dani: Yes it is amazing.

Hiro: If Lily were here, she would like this too.

Dani: Is she very special to you?

Hiro: Ye-

He stops talking and his eyes widen and turn his head towards her.

"W-w-what?! Oh my God, I can't believe you said that!" he yelled.

Preed: That’s a yes, Dani!

Dani (teasingly): You're in love with her, aren't you?!

Kaden: You catch on fast.

Hiro: O-oh sh-shut up!

Kaden, Preed and Dani laughed at Hiro's reaction to the subject. Roku chuckled in the middle of it.

Hiro: Aw Come on!

Meanwhile, on a world of darkness, in the center of city of the dark called Valhalla, an ominous castle is where the Reapers reside.
In the throne room, Specter appeared in room where a humanoid Vulpe, humanoid fox, with two tails name Mizaru is waiting the others to show up. Then another Vulpe appeared from the dark portal, name Alistair.

Mizaru: Whassup Al, my man? Been a while, huh?

Alistair: It’s Alistair. How can you be so relaxed?

Mizaru: Hey I just like being chilled.

Alistair: Right. Where are the others?

Mizaru: Busy I guess. So what’s wrong, buddy? You look disappointed."

Alistair: The Renkai are nothing more than children.

Mizaru: Hey I think they got potential. Well few of them anyway.

Alastair: You mean Lily and the other two her and the two with Romulus.

Mizaru: I guess you didn't talk to Phantema.

Alistair: What are you talking about?

Mizaru: There’s one with a hidden power; powerful enough to resist her spell and powerful enough to defeat Clive with no problem.

Alistair: You mean Hiro?

Mizaru: Yep. Even took down someone powerful as Titan.

A dark portal appeared before them.

“That was just a fluke.” Specter says as he emerged from the portal.

"Just you? I was hoping someone important would show up" Mizaru says.

Specter: Will you shut up?

Mizaru: Hey don’t get mad me for failing your mission again.

“I’ve done my part, you imbecile.” Specter says in annoyance.

Mizaru: Wrong!

Alistair: Your mission was to bring Hiro to Valhalla.

Mizaru: And you were supposed to bring the Crystal, too. So I’m guessing you failed again, I see.

What’s the matter? Was the boy too much for you to handle?

Specter: He’s far too weak to beat me. Besides Etro got in my way.

“Remember where your arrogance got you the last time.” Alastair says.

Specter: Whatever.

Suddenly a dark portal appears and a six foot hooded man walked out of it.

Mizaru, Alistair, and Specter bowed to the hooded man.
“Master.”, they all said.

Alistair: Master Bargra, where are the others?

Bargra: They’re fulfilling their missions in many worlds. I have one for you two. I want you to find Hiro to test his abilities. Take the young lady with you.

Alastair: As you wish, master.

“Yeah, we can probably do a better job than that idiot, Specter.”, Mizaru says.

As soon as he said that, Specter grabbed him by the neck.

“Don’t insult me you-“

Mizaru was able to break free from his grip and was about to attack him, but Alastair stood in his way.

Alastair: Enough. Mizaru let’s go.

As they were leaving, Mizaru glared as Specter as he was passing by him.

Specter:  Master, how is it, that Hiro wasn’t infected like Lily.

Bargra: I cannot say. But it will be interesting to see how the boy will control the powers or will those powers overtake him.  

Specter: I see.

Barga: Now then Hiro, let see you survive the onslaught. Especially that I have pawns in different worlds. (Laughs evilly)

Meanwhile in the Eagle, Hiro continued to look out the window seeing the stars pass by.  However he was also listening to Kaden, Preed and Dani's conversation.

"So what would you do if you see Specter, Kaden?" Dani asked.

Kaden: What else? Give him a beat down for destroying home, kidnapping Lily, and givng Hiro a hard time.

"Kay, you saw what he can do, right?" Preed asked.

Kaden:  So?

Preed: "So?" You saw the dark power he had. He destroyed our home.

"Are you scarred, Preed?", Kaden teasingly asked.

Preed: N-No.  Aren't you a little freaked out about someone with the power of darkness?  I mean to be in the same room with one with that evil power.

When Hiro heard what Preed said; it struck a nerve. He didn't realize that he had the same kind of power as the Specter. He thought about how his home was destroyed by the same power he now wields. He stared at his mark thinking about the darkness within him. Kaden and Dani notices that he was upset.

"Preed, stop talking." Kaden says sternly.

Preed: Huh?

"Did you forget that your friend over there has that power?" Dani says as she points at Hiro.

Preed sees that Hiro is upset then he remembered how he saved him and Kaden from Lars back at Eden.
"Oh, dude, I’m so sorry!" Preed exclaimed.
Hiro: No it's okay. I'm not mad.

Kaden was concerned about him. " Sure you all right?"

Hiro: Yeah, I'm fine.

"We're here. Everyone to the transporter." Roku says.

The five allies walk towards the door in the back of the bridge. Inside the door, there was a big round circle on the floor with a floating ring above it. They step in the circle and the ring lowered to transport them to the planet.

They were transported to a cherry blossom forest. Hiro, Preed, Kaden and Dani were amazed to see the Cherry Blossoms in the area.  

Dani: The Cherry Blossoms are really nice here. I haven't seen these in a long time. It’s rare to them these days.

"Enough gawking; Basho's place is straight ahead.", Roku says sternly.

Suddenly the Malfested appeared out of nowhere.

"Not again!", Hiro yelled.

They were surrounded by a dozen of those creatures. The five allies are ready to fight them. Suddenly Hiro started to feel uneasy. He started to feel a sharp pain in his head for a few seconds.

Hiro: (What's happening?)

Then he heard Kaden's voice yelling, "Hey Hiro get your head in the game, they're attacking!"
Hiro gets ready to fight the monsters. Just then one creature flew by him and slams to a tree. The four looked to see who have done that. They saw a young Vulpe, a Leoian, and a female Lepus that are close to their age, all wielding katanas destroying most of the monsters. Hiro, Dani, Preed, Kaden, and Roku destroyed the rest of the monsters.

After the fight the three looked excited about the fight.

Vulpe: That was awesome!

Leoian: We really kicked some tail!

Lepus: Glad that's over!

Then they faced Hiro and the others.

Hiro: Hey thanks for helping us. I'm Hiro Vangard.

Dani: I'm Dani North.

Preed: The name's Preed Kaiser.

Kaden: and I'm Kaden Ballad.

Roku: Roku Etro.

Vulpe: I'm Sora.

Lepus: Hello, I’m Rin.

Leoian: Tetsu.

"You must be Basho's apprentices." Roku says.

Sora: Yes. The master was expecting you.

Hiro paused for a moment then he asked, "Have you all seen a girl name Lily?"

"No we haven't. Sorry", Rin says.

"No, no it's okay. Can you take us to Master Basho?" Hiro says.

Sora: Yeah sure, follow us.

The group followed the trio towards their master's dojo in the deep forest. Suddenly Hiro felt the sharp pain in his head again. Then he felt dizzy and can barely walk. He sees that was almost far away. Kaden, Preed and Dani turned around and see that something was wrong with him. They ran to see if he was okay.

Dani: Hey, are you all right?

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Hiro says.

“No you’re not. Look, let me help you.”, Kaden says as he tried to help him, but Hiro shoved him away from him.

Hiro: I said I’m fine. Let’s go, they’re leaving us behind.

Dani: Will you stop being stubborn? You’re sick now and you need rest.

Preed: Hiro, listen to her.

Hiro tried keep walking, but his vision was blurred and can barely walk. The pain was too intense for him to continue. He fell on his knees. He felt as though the earth was moving beneath him. Then he collapsed to the ground. Dani tried to wake him, but he wasn’t responding.

Dani:  Hiro! Wake up! Hiro, c’mon wake up! Snow, he’s not moving!

Kaden: I’ll go get Roku!

Hiro opened his eyes and finds himself in a white void. He looked around the area. He notices that nobody else is there with him.

Hiro: W-W-Where am I? Where is everybody? Uncle Roku? Kaden? Preed? Dani? Where are you? I remember passing out form that intense pain. What am I dead?!

Then he hears a familiar voice saying, "You not dead."
Hiro turned around and was surprised to see Lumina.

Hiro: Lumina.....

Lumina: It is been a while since we met.

Hiro: Yeah.  By the way, there's something I wanted to tell you.

Lumina became worried that Hiro might be mad at her for putting him in Gurau where he was treated badly and faced the danger of fighting Clive. Suddenly he surprised her with a smile on his face.

“Thank you.”, Hiro says.

Lumina was shocked that he said that.

Lumina: You are not mad?

Hiro: You saved when my world was being destroyed. I’m grateful for that. Besides everything on that island was resolved, ya know?

Lumina felt happy to hear that from him. She noticed that he has a concerned look on his face.

Hiro: But there is one question I want to ask.

“Is it about your powers?”, Lumina asks.

Hiro: Yeah. I have the power of darkness, I get it. But this is also the same power Specter and Nero use destroyed my home. The same power Clive used to cause chaos on Gurau. Please I want to know, why do I have the power that cause nothing but pain and sorrow?

Lumina: The darkness is neither good nor evil.  However it does have two paths: the path of destruction and the path of salvation. Only depends on the wielder.

Hiro: Destruction and Salvation?

Lumina: The darkness within you is yours alone. Only you decide how to use it.

Hiro thought about how many times he used his dark powers to fight off the Mafested and how that power saved the people of Gurau. He smiled and says, “Kinda obvious what I’m going to say.  I want to use this power to help others and defeat the Malfested."

Lumina smiled when he said that.

Hiro: Somehow I get the feeling you were hoping I would say that.

Lumina: Just a little. I just want to say one thing to say. Hiro, you have an unique power within you.There will be obstacles to make doubt yourself.

Hiro: Is it that unique?

Lumina: That power can help those who are infected.

Hiro: Infected?

He remembered the last time he saw Lily when Spector and Phantema kidnapped her.
"You mean like what happened to Lily?", Hiro asks.

Lumina: There are others like you and some are infected by the Reapers. You have the power to help them. One last thing; the darkness within you is a gift you process. Don't let it be your burden.

The light shined so bright that Hiro closed his eyes. Suddenly he wakes up in a bed in cold sweat. He looks around to see where he is.

(Where am I? Is this Basho's home?)

Just then Rin walk in the room to check on him.

Rin: Hey, you're finally awake, Hiro.

Hiro: Oh, hey Miss Rin.

"It's Rin. We're both the same age, you know.", she says.

Hiro: Oh right. Ha-ha. By the way how long was I out?

Rin: You've been out for five hours. Right now it is mid-night.

Hiro couldn't believe that he's been asleep for eight hours.

Hiro: Five hours?!  Are you serious?! Man, it doesn't feel like it was five hours. So what did I miss, Rin?

Rin: Well, Roku carried you here. Kaden, Preed and Dani were worried about you. Not just them, me, Sora, Tetsu, and my master.

Hiro: Oh. Sorry to worry everyone.

Rin smiles and says, "Don't worry about it. It really shows that you have friends here that care. For now get some rest, okay?

Hiro stared at Rin for a moment.

Rin: What?

Hiro: Nothing. It's just that, you kinda look like Lily when you smiled.

Rin chuckles and says, "Thanks see you tomorrow."

Hiro: (Why did I say that?!)

She leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

Hiro stayed in bed for a couple of minutes. He was wondering weither or not his talk with Lumina was a dream or not. So he quietly leaves the room. He walks through hallway quietly so he won't wake everyone up. He finally reached the door and opens it and walks out of the dojo.

Then he walks towards a tree in front of the dojo and sits beside it. He looks up in the starry sky and was amazed to see a Blue Moon. However, he thought about everything that happened lately. Then he remembered what he and Lily were talking about before the Warren and Eden was destroyed.

(Lily: How many other worlds do you think are out there, Hiro?

Hiro: Well, I remember I asked my mom that. She says that the worlds are like the stars.  There are an infinite number of them out there. One day I hope to see them all.

Lily: You think my world is out there, too?

Hiro: I think so.

 Lily: I can’t wait to see it, along with the other worlds. When that time comes, will you come with me?

Hiro: Yeah of course.)

He pulled out Lily’s pendant out of his pocket.

Hiro: (Lily. Hang in there, I'll save you, I promise.)

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice from behind him saying, "Hey, need some company?"

He turns around and he sees that it was Dani.

Hiro: Oh hey Dani.  Uh, sure I don't mind.

She sits beside him.

"So you couldn't sleep either, huh?'' She asked.

Hiro shook his head and says, "I just had weird dream that’s all.”

“So, are you feeling all right?” she asked.

Hiro:  Yeah. All better. So you guys aren’t mad about earlier?

Dani: Well, I could understand after everything you went through.  As for Kaden and Preed; more than likely they'll cut you some slack. Roku however says that was really reckless and he might give you a lecture about that.

Hiro: In other words, expect to be chewed out, right?

Dani: More than likely.

The two began to laugh for a while. Then Dani looked up at the stars and the Blue Moon.

Dani:  This is amazing. I don’t see many stars back at home.

“Really? Why not?”, Hiro asked.

“Haven’s a big city. And with all the lights on all night, there are hardly any stars to look at.” She said.

Hiro: I had no idea.

Dani: That Blue Moon is beautiful.

Hiro: It is.

Dani: Sora told me something about it.

“What’d he say?”, He asked.

Dani: Well….

Before she could finish speaking, a familiar voice says,

“It is said that the Blue moon can grant the people a wish they truly desire.”

Hiro and Dani turned around and see Kaden standing behind them and Preed aproaching them as well.

Hiro: Hey guys.

“Yeah, hard to believe the people here actually believe in that.” He said as sat next to them.

Dani: Come on, aren't you curious?

Kaden: I choose not to.

Preed: Not even a little Kay?

"Oh please that's something little kids believe in." Kaden says.

Preed: Why do you think it's little kid stuff.

Kaden: Oh come on who would believe in that fantasy.

Preed: After everything that's happenin' to us, I might believe.

Kaden: Which makes you a little kid!

"You're not that much older us, ya know.", Hiro says as he approached them

Kaden: You stay out of this!

Preed: Hey Hiro's right. You're a kid youself!

Kaden: Hey I'm older than you two!

Hiro: One year than me. Well two for Preed. So he counts as a little kid.

Preed: Hey!

As they were arguing Dani began to laugh at them.

Kaden: What's so funny?

Dani: You three make the weirdest brothers.

They all laughed for a while. Then Hiro stared at the Blue Moon, thinking what Kaden said about it earlier. He had only he had only one wish in mind.

Dani: Thinking about Lily?

Hiro: Yeah.  I was hoping if she was okay. I just don’t what to do.

"Know the feeling.”,Dani says.

Hiro: Huh?

Dani: Remember what I said on that island about crew members on Clive's ship.?

Hiro: Yeah?

Dani sighs and says, "The pilot was my sister, Meri."

Hiro, Kaden, and Preed were shocked to hear that.

Preed: Sorry, Dani.
Dani: It's okay.
“So before you blew up the ship, were you checking to see if Clive was telling the truth?”, Hiro asked.

Dani: Yeah.
Kaden:  And?
Dani: Apparently, he left out one thing: when I checked the survilance camaras, the Malfested and that guy in the mask attacked the ship. Meri didn't die,  Specter kidnapped her.
Kaden: Seems to me that Specter loves to take people away. Meri, now Lily; he really needs a beat dpwn of a life time

Hiro thought about it long and hard.
Then he turns to her. "If she's out there, we'll help you find her."

Dani stood up in amazement.

Dani: You sure?!

Preed smiles and says "Hey it's the least we can do after you helped us out."

Kaden: Yeah, also save our bonehead over there.

"Oh thanks for that, Kay." Hiro says sarcastically.
Dani hugged them and says, “Thank you.”

Kaden puts his arm around her shoulder and says, "Hey we’re friends now, right?We help each other out."

Dani smiles and says, "Yeah."

For the first since all the things he went through, Hiro felt happy. So did Preed, Dani, and Kaden.

Hiro: All right! Look out Specter! The Crusaders are coming at ya! Right?

Kaden/ Dani/ Preed: Right!

The four started to laugh for a while. In the distance, Roku spies over them and nods and heads back to the dojo.

"Hey let's get some rest for tomorrow, 'kay?", Kaden says.

Hiro yawns and says, "All right and thanks."

The three heads back to the dojo to go to bed. Hiro stopped and looked up at the sky.

(Lily. Meri. Hang in there.)

In the morning, Hiro wakes up and gets out of bed to stretch. Then the door opens and Rin and Sora walk in.

Rin: Hey, how are you feeling?

Hiro smiles and says, "Great! Never better!"

Sora and Rin look at each other and then stared at him. They were surprised to see him in a good mood.

Rin: You're in a good mood.

Hiro looks confused when he said that.

Hiro: What do you mean?

Rin: I mean when we first met you, you were sort of depressed.

Hiro: I guess I didn't notice that. So what's up?

Sora: Roku and Master Basho left and won't be back in an hour.

"Oh I see. So what to do 'til then?", Hiro says.

Sora: How about you train with us for a while?

Rin: Yeah c'mon, it'll be fun!

Hiro: Sure, okay.

Hiro, Sora, and Rin leave the room and walks down the hallway until they reached the room with karate pads on the floor. They see Tetsu sparing a punching bag. Hiro looks around the room.

Hiro:  Hey where's the others

Rin: I think they’re with them as well.

Sora: No worries, they'll be back. In the meanwhile, why don't you and I have a sparring match, Hiro?

He thinks about it.

"No, no I can't.......... resist.....challenge! You're on, Sora!" ,he says.

While Hiro wasn't looking, Tetsu bumps to him to the ground by force.

Hiro: Hey!

Tetsu: You were in my way.

Hiro gets up to face him.

"What was that?!" he yelled.

"You heard me.  What you wanna fight?!", Tetsu says.

Hiro: Gladly.

Tetsu throws the first punch, but Hiro blocked it. Then he uses a front kick, but Tetsu blocks. They throw jabs and kicks at each other, until Tetsu tried to punch him, but Hiro caught his hand and throws him over his shoulder and to the floor. Rin and Sora were amazed when that happened. Takato gets up to fight him again. The two were tired, but they their spirits kept them going. The fight ended with the two of them punched each other on the face at the same time, knocking each other out.

Tetsu: (panting) Have to hand it ya, you're really tough.

Hiro: (panting) Hey, you're not bad yourself, Tetsu.

Tetsu sits up and says, "Ha, I know."

Hiro sits up and glares at him.

Then Tetsu looks at him and laughs. Hiro started to laugh as well. Then Tetsu holds his hand out to him.

Tetsu: Friends?

Hiro: Friends.

The two shook hands. Rin and Sora were surprised about how the fight ended.

"Have to admit, that guy is full of surprises.", Sora says.

"Who knew that Tetsu didn't lose his temper this time.", Rin says.

The two walks towards Hiro and Tetsu.

Sora: Wow that was amazing!

Then they all heard a voice saying, "Very good, young one. I see Roku taught you well."

They turned around and see a bald human in his mid-forties wearing a black haori and a grey hakama pants and brown sandals with a sheathed katana on his side. Along with him were Roku, Kaden, Preed, and Dani.

Sora, Rin, and Tetsu bowed to the man.

"Master.", they said.

Hiro: (So that's Master Basho.)

Hiro, show some respect will ya?!",Sora says as he pulls him to bow.

"At ease young ones.'', Basho says.

"Master, can you please tell me what's going on?", Hiro says.

Basho walks to the center of the room with look of concern. The others sat around him.

Basho: As you already know that you and your friends are the chosen warriors of Ragnarok.

Hiro: Yes sir.

Basho: However, the only one could use all of Ragnarok's powers was your father when he was your age.

Hiro was shocked to hear that his father had these powers when was his age. This was new to him.

Hiro: Wait, you mean my dad was able to use all of Ragnarok's powers? But why are they all separated then?

Basho: All I can say is that someone may've used a spell on Sol that was able to extract Ragnarok from with him. Remnants of Ragnarok were scattered and their way to you and your friends. When that process was over, Sol was severely weak.

Hiro remembered what Specter said before.

(Specter: You may have some skills, but you’re no match for me or the Reapers
I guess it’s time for me to go kiddies. Before I leave, I just got one thing to say, If you happen to encounter Holly or any of the others, you may not like the results.

Hiro: What do you mean?

Specter: The Lily you know will be lost forever.)

Basho looked at him with concern.

"Is the something the matter, young one?", he asks.

"It's just that, I remember what Specter said about if we encounter Lily or the others , we may not like the results. He also mention something about the Reapers.", he says.

Basho looked shocked when he said that.

Basho: What? You came across Specter?!  Is that so? Well as for his words; The Reapers considered themselves as Judges of life. They have the ability to infect their victims. The darkness corrupts the minds of his victims for them to control them to do their bidding.  And the people Specter was talking about may’ve been the other Renkai.

Kaden:  Wait a sec, Hiro didn’t you say something about her being in trance when you last saw her?
Hiro remembered the last time he saw Lily just before his world was destroyed.
Basho: She may’ve been infected she was in the dark realm.
“I was in there, too but I’m not infected.”, Hiro said.

Nivek: Now I'm curious, exactly how did you all come out of the darkness without being infected?

Hiro tried to remember what happened when he was in the darkness. The  only he could remember was a strange light.

Hiro: A weird light appeared out of nowhere and then the darkness disappeared.

Basho thought to himself:

( Could it be....?)

Rin: Master?
Basho looks shocked again.
Basho:  Hiro, did Lily have a crystal with her?

Hiro remembered the pendant Lily always carried around. He pulled it out of his pocket.

Hiro: You mean this?

Basho: The Gem can track down the Crystals.

Everyone looked confused when he mentioned the Crystals.

Preed: Crystals?

Basho: There are seven Crystals of Ragnarok: The crystals of fire,light, water, wind, thunder,  darkness, and earth. They are the keys in defeating the Reapers. The Gem can only be used with the power of light. Listen to me, young one; it is very important that you find Lily, before it’s too late.

Before Hiro could say anything; the Malfested bursts through the wall. Everyone was ready to fight them. Suddenly a purple-black furred Vulpes appeared out of nowhere.

"Alistair!", Roku yelled.

Tarvos laughs, "So you remember me huh?"

Mizaru: Yo, I'm  Mizaru, and that kid is Hiro, right? The one Specter couldn't beat?
Hiro was ready to fight them.

Hiro: So if I am, Mutt?

Mizaru: Oh you want fight huh?

Mizaru was ready to fight him but Alistar stopped him.

Alistair: Now, now, don't fight him; let his old friend take care of him.

Hiro: Huh?
Suddenly from the dark portal a Catus with a dark aura surrounding her body and demonic wings on her back appeared in front of everyone.

Mizaru laughs and says, "Well kid, do you recognize her?"
He couldn't believe that he can recognize her.

Hiro: That can't be........ Lily?!
Hiro Chapter 7 revamped
Hiro meets Lumina and Basho and encounters.......
Character Inspiration final part : Hiro by kdrj4402
Character Inspiration final part : Hiro
Leonardo (TMNT)
Naruto Uzimaki (Naruto)
Goku (Dragon ball)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Character inspiration part 7: Lily by kdrj4402
Character inspiration part 7: Lily
Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
Serah Farron (ff13)
Hinata (Naruto)
Jean Grey (x-men)
Character inspiration part 6: Roku by kdrj4402
Character inspiration part 6: Roku
Master Splinter (tmnt)
Auron (ffx)
Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Kakashi (Naruto)
I'm new to this but I just set up a group to promte the Hiro Chronicles

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