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Hiro X Speedy cover promo by kdrj4402
Hiro X Speedy cover promo
Beast of Haven

Speedy tracks down Anima to Haven to save his friends from An eternal sleep and attacked by a dark beast 
Hiro and friends encounter Speedy as they were looking for a missing person name Matthew Dawes.

Can Speedy and the Dreamkeepers stop the evil Mage Anima and his Beast?

character art not mine
The Dreamkeepers Guild members so far by kdrj4402
The Dreamkeepers Guild members so far
Instead of Crusaders they're then Dreamkeepers 

left to right 

Dani North 
Lily Highwind 
Hiro Vangard 
Jack Prishe 
Genki Saru 

art by…
Manga girl app
Chapter 7
Trouble in Paradise  

Moments he opened his eyes and was surprised to find himself back in Willow forest during the Malfested’s attack on Eden and Mugen.

Hiro: (How’d I get here!?)

He ran through the forest like he did before.  Then he came across the clearing. He looked around the area and sees Roku leaning against a tree slumping over.

“Uncle Roku!”, Hiro yelled as he ran to if he was okay. As he got closer to him, Hiro was shock to see him covered in blood. Hiro was horrified to see Roku’s dead body in front him. He remembered Specter’s words.

(He met his end when he tried to stop me from getting to you. That’s right. I killed him. His blood is stained on my blade.)

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then he hears someone screaming. He ran to see who was.  When made out of the forest, he was shock to see Mugen. The town looked like an ancient ruin. He looked around. There was no one in sight, not even the Malfested were there.   He wandered through the town to find the source of the scream. He looked around and was shocked to see  Sama’s body and a few feet a head, Lily, Jack, and Dani surrounded by the darkness.

Hiro: Guys!

Lily turns to him and says, "Help!"

Dani looked terrified.

Then he sees Specter and Nero right in front of them.  

“Hiro run!” Jack yelled.

Specter appeared in front Jack and stabbed in the chest. Hiro couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The darkness begins to consume Lily and Dani in Hiro's horror. The last thing he sees is Lily shedding a tear looking at him.

Hiro: NOOOO!

He wakes up in bed in cold sweat. He looks around to see where he is.

Hiro: (Where- Oh right. I’m still in Gurau.  Man, what a dream.)

He looked out the window and sees the shining sun in sea blue sky. It’s been a while since he seen the scenery in the sky. Minutes later he wanders through the village wondering if any of his friends are there as well.  As he looked around, some of the villagers were glaring at him.  He couldn’t help but hear what some of them are saying

“What’s the Elder thinking let him stay here?”

“He’s only here because he saved Kaku’s daughter.”

“I still think that kid’s working for Clive.”

“He shouldn’t be here.”

Hiro got annoyed by them and leaves the village to get away from them for a while.   He looked ahead and sees Miwa heading towards the beach. He follows her just in case the Malfested might show up. When he made it to the beach, he sees Miwa sitting down staring at the ocean.

“Hey.”, Hiro says as he approached her.

Miwa turns to him and says, “Hey Hiro, did you find your friends?

He sits next to her and says “No. I couldn’t concentrate with the villagers…”

Miwa: Oh right. Please don’t be mad at them. They’re nice people, but they’re...just afraid.

“Because of Clive?”, Hiro asks.

Miwa: Yeah.

Hiro: So who is this, Clive?

Miwa took a deep breath and look up at the sky.

Miwa: You see, Gurau was once a peaceful place and the people here worked together and looked out for one another. If anyone lost their way, they were welcomed here. That is until a man name Clive came along.

Hiro: What happened?

Miwa:  Six months ago, he brought those monsters to terrorize the village if they don’t listen to his demands. He often shows up to take our food and money. There were times he would force people to join him by letting the monsters run rampant in the village. Some join him because they were afraid of him and some who join him because of his luxury and that he grants them the power to control the monsters. Some of the villagers tried to stand up to him, but each time he makes an example out them by transforming into a demon and slaughtering them.

“Transform?”, Hiro asks.

Miwa:  Yeah. I still remember the first time he did it. My mother was one of his victims. Afterwards, he says that we all should face reality, and that hope doesn’t exist. As time went by, the villagers gave up on hope and too afraid of leaving the village knowing that these monsters are running rampant.

When he heard Miwa story, Hiro remembered that Lars said almost the same thing.

(Lars: Is that so? Look around you. Do you see anyone in this godforsaken town agreeing with you? These people are afraid to fight back because they lost all hope for themselves. They all didn’t come to this girl’s aid? They all lost the will to fight.)

He thought about all the times Nero’s guards would show up at the Warren and force the people out of their homes. He also thought the people of Eden were afraid to stand up to Nero, knowing that he will have them executed on the spot.
He stood up and says, “Where’s Clive’s hideout?”

Miwa: Why? What are you going to do?

Hiro:  Well first, I’ll give him a beat down of a lifetime. Second, there some questions I want to ask him.

Miwa: Hiro, I don’t think-

Before she could finish her sentence, they hear people screaming from the village.

“What’s going on?” Hiro asked.

“Come on let’s go!”, Miwa says as she and Hiro ran back to the village.

When they got there, they saw the villagers gathered around in the middle of the village. Hiro and
Miwa pushed their way through the crowd. When they finally made to the center of the crowd, they were shocked to see a strange looking monster grabbing Kaku by his throat.
“Father!”, Miwa yelled as she ran to help her father.
Kaku (choking): Miwa….stay…back!

Before Miwa could do anything, the monster grabbed her as well.

“Now will you do what Lord Clive says?!” the monster yelled.

Kaku:  Never!

“If you don’t, it will cost you your daughter’s life.”, the monster says as he begins to choke the life out of Miwa.

Kaku couldn’t see his own daughter be tortured by a demon. He had no choice but to give up. Before he could say anything, Hiro yelled, “Let them go!”
The monster turned around and sees Hiro pointing is sword.

Monster: Get lost and play hero somewhere else, boy.

The monster turned his attention to Kaku and Miwa.  As he was waiting for Kaku’s answer, he began to feel an immense sharp pain on his back. He turned around and sees Hiro’s blade was covered in black ooze. He had cut him from behind.

“You will regret that you little punk!”, the monsters says as he drops Kaku and Miwa and  charges at Hiro with claw attacks.

However Hiro dodge all his attacks.  Suddenly, Hiro feels a sudden burst of energy within him. He also notices that the monster was slowing down. The monster was ready to attack again. Hiro swung his sword at an instant. When that happened, he able to cut the monster’s right arm clean off. The villagers were shocked when he did that. The monster screamed in agony.

Hiro: Want some more!?

“You will suffer Lord Clive’s wrath, boy!”, The monster says as he disappears into darkness.

Later that night, after everyone has calmed down, Hiro sits outside of Kaku and Miwa’s home.  He turned around and sees Kaku approaching him.

Hiro: Is she okay?

“Yes. Miwa will recover. All she needs is her rest.”, he says as he sits next to him.

Hiro: That’s good to hear.

Kaku: Thank you for saving us earlier.

Hiro: Well you and Miwa helped me out a lot since I’ve been here. It was the least I can do. So what was all that about earlier?

Kaku: Apparently Clive wanted me to join him. I refused and he sent one of his underlings to force me to join. And Speaking of Clive, Miwa told me you’re going to confront him. Why do you want to do that?

Hiro: From what she told me earlier, Clive has the same powers as the one who destroyed my home and kidnapped my friend, Lily. I want to know if he’s connected to that guy in the mask.

“And you’re going to confront him alone?”, Kaku asks.

Hiro: Yeah.

“That is unwise, Hiro.”, Kaku said as stood up.

Hiro: Huh?

Kaku: Do you really think you can confront him all by yourself? Clive is far too powerful for you to fight him. There are things you can’t handle by yourself.

When he said that, Hiro remembered that it was the last thing Roku said to him before confronting Specter.

“Just think it over in the morning, okay?”, Kaku says as he leaves.

The next day, Hiro stands alone in the beach thinking what he should do. Should he really confront Clive and get information about Specter? On a positive note, if he confronts him, it might be a key to finding a way out of Gurau and find his friends. On a negative note, after hearing everything about Clive from both Miwa and Kaku, it might not end too well. When he thought about that, he remembered how his home was destroyed by Nero and Specter. The more he thought about that the more frustrated he got.

Hiro:  (What now? If I do confront Clive I may get the answers I’m seeking, but if I do... It might end the same way as Eden.)

However, he remembered what happen to Lily two days ago when Specter and Phantema took her away. Then he thought about Dani and Jack, wondering if they’re okay. Then he thought about Roku. He wanted to know if he’s still alive or dead.

Hiro: That’s it. I made up my mind. I’m going to see Clive.

He goes back to the village to tell Kaku his decision. When he got there, he sees the Elder at the center of the village with a concern look on his face.

“Something wrong, sir?”, Hiro asks as he approached him.

Elder:  Come with me.

Hiro: Um…Okay.

The Elder led Hiro to Kaku’s home. When they got there some of the villagers were standing outside. Hiro was confused to see them here and at same time afraid something may’ve happened to Miwa and Kaku.

“H-hey what’s going on?”, He asked.

Elder: Go inside and see.

Hiro ran inside to see what’s going. When he got in, he was shocked to see a doctor and a nurse
tending to Kaku who was lying face up.

Hiro: What happened?!

Elder: Clive attacked him earlier.

Kaku slowly tries to sit up. Hiro runs to check on him.

Hiro: Kaku, you okay?

Kaku: B…Barely.

Hiro: Why did Clive attacked you?

Kaku:  Because of yesterday when I refused to join him and that you attacked his underling. He came by looking for you. I fought him off so Miwa could escape, but he caught her anyway. He said if I ever want to see her again, he will exchange Miwa for you, Hiro.

Now Hiro has a reason to go see Clive. It was the only way to save Miwa.

“Elder, what do you know about Clive?”, Hiro asks.

Elder: Only that he came during a meteor shower six months ago.

Hiro: Meteor shower?

Elder: Yes. It was around the time a foreign object landed thirty miles from the village. That’s where he is now.

Hiro: All right. I’ll head there now.

Kaku: Wait you can’t go alone!

Hiro: I’m going whether you like or not. You wanna see Miwa again, right? If I go, she’ll be saved. Also Clive may have the answers I’m looking for.

Elder: If that’s the case, some of the villagers can go with you.

“No. No one else.”, Hiro says as he leaves for the door. He stops and turns to Kaku with a smile on
his face.

Hiro:  I promise, Miwa will return safe and sound, ya know?

Kaku smiles and says, “Okay, I’ll trust you, Hiro. Bring my daughter home safe.”

“Will do.”, Hiro says as he leaves.

As he was leaving he hears the Elder saying, “You’ll find Clive at the north end of the island across a treacherous bridge.”

When he made out of the village, he sees three Lynkases heading towards him. One of them has only one arm.

“Hold it right there!”, the one armed lynkas yelled.

Hiro: What do you want? I’m kinda busy right now.

One- armed Lynkas: You’re not going anywhere! You and I have a score to settle!

Hiro was confused about what he just said.

Hiro: What are you talking a-

He noticed that lynkas’s other arm looked like it was sliced off. Then he remembered the monster that attacked the village.

Hiro: You’re that monster from yesterday?

The other two couldn’t help but laugh.

Lynkas 1: Whoa! Riki don’t tell me that kid’s the one that beat you yesterday.

Lynkas: Real pathetic!

Riki: Shut it, Titus! You too, Lok!

Titus approached Hiro while he’s cracking his knuckles.

“Doesn’t matter anyway; this kid will learn the hard way about of standing against Lord Clive.”

Titus throws the first punch, but Hiro caught it with a tight grip. Then he surprised him with a punch to the stomach. Titus felt sharp pain when he did that. Titus then threw several punches at him. However Hiro dodged all his punches. Then Hiro surprise him with a spin heel kick across his face. Titus fell a few feet from him.

Hiro: Is that really all you got? I know a wolf that can fight better than you.

Titus: Damn you!

Riki: You know, Titus, this kid really needs to learn the hard way…in death!

Titus: I know what you mean.

Riki, Lok and Titus pulled a dark purple sphere out of their pockets.

Hiro: What are those?

Lok: A gift from Lord Clive.

They force the spheres into their chests. When that happened they began to transform into demonic creatures similar to the Malfested. Hiro was ready to fight for his life.

“It ends now!” Riki boasted.

Before they could do anything, a large sharp ice shard pierced through Riki’s back. Hiro, Lok and
Titus were shocked to see that.

Hiro: Where did that come from!?

When Riki fall face forward to the ground, Hiro was surprised to see Dani again.

“Sorry, did I interrupt?”, she said.

Hiro: Dani!

Titus turns his attention to her.

“You’ll pay for that!”, Titus yelled as he charged toward her.

Before got to her, the girl disappeared into thin air. He turned around and sees her with her back turn and carrying her sword over her shoulder.

Titus: You cocky little-

Before he could finish his sentence, his upper torso began to slide of his lower halve.  He instantly dies. Hiro was shocked to see that.

Hiro:  (How did she do that? I didn’t even see her move.)

Lok couldn’t believe that a human girl was able to defeat his comrades that quickly.

“You’ll pay! You hear me!? You’re Finished!”, he yelled as he charges towards her.

Suddenly Jack appeared in front of him.

Jack: Water Slice!

Lok ran passed him, however his torso was began to slide of his lower half as well.

“Jack!”, Hiro exclaimed.

Jack: Hey, Hiro. So glad you’re okay, bro.

Hiro was relieved to see Dani and Jack again. There were questions Hiro wanted ask them; like, what happen back in Mugen and where did they go?

Dani: I know you got a lot questions, but we’ll explain everything once we’re in Haven.

“Haven?”, Hiro asks.

Dani: It’s my hometown. You’ll be safe there.

As much as he wanted to leave Gurau, he still remembers that he needs to save Miwa from Clive before it’s too late. Jack notices that he may have second thoughts about going.

“Hey is something wrong?”, he asks.

Hiro: No…

Dani: Alright let’s go to -

Hiro: I can’t.

“Why not?”, Dani yelled.

Hiro: I really want to leave here sure, but, there’s one thing I have to do first.

Dani:  What do you have to do?

Hiro:  I promised to save Miwa from that lunatic Clive.

Dani: Listen you-

Before she could finish her sentence, hearing the name Clive left her confused.
“Clive?”, she asks.

Hiro: Yeah. Apparently he’s been terrorizing the villagers by controlling the Malfested. He kidnapped one of the villagers’ daughter. I also want know if he’s connected to that guy in the mask.

Jack: Tell us more on the way there.

“Wait you’re coming?” Hiro asks.

Dani: Yeah. There’s something about this Clive is very familiar.

Jack: Plus we’re letting you go there alone.

As they proceed on, Hiro tells Dani and Jack everything Miwa, Kaku, and the Elder told him about Clive.

Dani: So you’re saying that he showed up six months ago during a meteor shower?

Hiro: Yeah. The Elder says that he showed up around the time a foreign object appeared that night.

“It can’t be a coincidence.” Dani says.

Hiro: What do you mean by that?

Dani: If that’s the case, it has to be Clive Trusdale.

“Clive Trusdale?” Hiro asked.

Dani: See, We’re part of a Guild called the Dreamkeepers.

Hiro: Dreamkeepers?

Jack: A guild, which by the way you’ll be joining, that travel in different worlds to destroy abnormalities that disturb the balance each world.

Hiro: By abnormalities, you mean the Malfested.

Dani: Yeah and the boy in the mask.

When she mention about the boy in the mask, Hiro thought of Specter.

“What do you know about Specter?” he asks.

Dani: Well, all I know is that everywhere he goes; the Malfested would appear in each world. Back to Clive, he was member of the Dreamkeepers.

Hiro: He was?!

Dani: Yeah. He's a powerful Mage.  He was part of the research division.

Hiro: So what happened?

Dani: Apparently he was inducting inhumane experiments on his victims.

“What do you mean by that?”, Hiro asked in horror.

Jack: He takes random people to use for Project Soldier. Many lives were lost because of the experiments, which why he was arrested.  

Hiro: What happened next?

Dani:  He was sentenced to life in prison in the Citadel. However the transport ship with him in it went missing exactly six months ago.

Hiro: So the foreign object that appeared here was the transport ship.

Dani: More than likely. Anyway do you know where you’re going?

Hiro: The elder told me that Clive is in north end of the island across a…..

Before he could finish his sentence, they came across an old narrow treacherous bridge. It looked like it could fall apart at any moment. Hiro was nervous about seeing the bridge.

Hiro: Tre….treacherous br-br-bridge.

“What, are you scared?”, Dani asked.

Hiro: No-no-no I’m not. Well….um ladies first.

“Will you just go?!” Dani says as she pushes him ahead.

They slowly cross the bridge. The made it half way until Hiro stepped on a loose board. When that happened, Hiro began to get too nervous to move. Dani and Jack tries to calm him down.

Jack: Stay calm, my friend. We’re almost there.

Dani: Just relax, Hiro. The only I want you do while we moving, is to not look down. Look ahead and move forward slowly, got it?

Hiro: Y-Yeah.

He did what she said. They moved ahead slowly so bridge won’t give out on them. Suddenly the bridge began to shake.

Hiro: W-What was that?

Hiro, Jack and Dani turned around and were shocked to see two big Malfested running towards them. They couldn’t fight them because the bridge was too narrow.

Dani: Remember when I said about moving slowly?

Hiro: Yeah?

Dani: Well, screw it. Run now, run fast!

“Agreed!” Hiro and Jack yelled as they ran for their lives.

As they were running the bridge was falling apart. They almost made to the end of the bridge.

Suddenly the Malfested began to chew on the rope on both sides of the bridge.

Jack grabbed hold of Dani and Hiro’s hand and yelled, “Jump!”

The trio jumped far enough to make it off the bridge. The bridge fell apart along with the monsters falling to their end. Hiro, Jack and Dani looked at the bridge falling.

“How do we get back?”, Hiro asks.

Dani: You let me worry about that.

They finally made to the remains of a crashed ship. This must be Clive’s hideout. As they were approaching the ship, Hiro thought about what Dani said earlier.

Hiro: Hey Dani, you said that Clive was being transported to the Citadel, right?

Dani: Yeah.

“Were there others with him?” He asks.

Dani: Yeah, a pilot and two armed guards. I got a feeling they didn’t make it.

Hiro, Jack and Dani entered the ship and looked around the area. Inside the ship was like an ancient ruin. The computers and the windows were smashed into bits and pieces. Dani was upset to see the room

“This must be the bridge.”, Dani said in a grim voice.

Hiro:  How can you tell?

Dani: Because…I’ve been in here before it took off and I knew the people inside.

Hiro:  Sorry.

Jack: You okay, Dani

Dani: Let’s find Clive quickly.

As they entered the hallway, they see closed mechanical door on the other end.

“Damn, it’s locked.”, Jack said as he tried to push the door open.

Dani: Let me try. Let me warn you, it’s going to be cold in here.

Dani stands in front of the door and held her hand out.

Dani: Ice Mist.

Suddenly her body was cloaked in an ice mist. The room was becoming too cold for Hiro that he started to shiver. The door was slowly covered in ice. Suddenly she kicked the icy door. When she did that, the door crumbled to pieces. Hiro was shocked when it happened.

Hiro: Whoa…….

Dani: Perks of being a Mystic.

“Mystic?”, Hiro asked.

“I’ll explain later. Come on.”, she says as they proceeded inside.
When they went in, the room was a laboratory. They looked around the room until Hiro spotted Miwa lying face down in a cell on the other side of the room.

“Miwa!”, Hiro yelled as he, Jack and Dani ran towards the cell.

Miwa looked up and sees Hiro trying to open the cell door.


Hiro:  Don’t worry we’re busting you out.

Miwa quickly stood up and yelled, “No, run! It’s a trap!”

Hiro/Dani/Jack: A trap?!

Suddenly they heard a voice saying, “That’s right.”

They turned around and see a middle-aged man wearing a black lab coat with a psychotic smile on his face.

“Clive Trusdale!”, Dani yelled.

Clive: It’s Lord Clive to you. You’re Dani North, Jack Prishe, and you must be Hiro Vangard.

Hiro was shocked that he knew his name.

“How did you know my name?”, he asked.

Clive: I’ve been hearing about a boy causing trouble at my village.

“Your village!?”, Hiro yelled.

Dani: Before we continue… how did you get here?

Clive: Hahahahahahahahaha! You really want to know huh?  I’ll tell you, seeing how the three of you are going to die. On the way to the Citadel, the escort ship had an unfortunate accident. Can you believe it? All I had to do was to mess up the engine codes. However we crashed land here on this island. My prison, which is now my kingdom.

When he said that, Hiro thought Nero’s reign in Eden.

Dani: What happened to the others?!

Clive: Others?

Jack: Don’t play dumb! There were two guards and a pilot with you. What happened to them!?

Clive: Oh them. They’re dead. However one guard, did survive, but he became my guinea pig for my experiments. Sad to say that he didn’t survive. All was lost until my benefactor appeared and gave me unlimited power to rule this island.

Hiro: I’m guessing your benefactor is Specter, right?

Clive: Indeed. He is also the one who told me about you.

Hiro: Why did you attack the village?

Clive:  As I mentioned before, my last experiment failed when my last candidate died during the process. I needed more candidates for the Project: Soldier.

Dani was shocked when he mentioned Project: Soldier.

Dani: You’re willing sacrifice the lives of the people here because of that!?

Clive: Their sacrifice was for the greater good.

She was shocked to hear him say that. However Hiro was confused about Project Soldier. However he was more focused about getting information about Specter.

“What do you know about Specter?”,

Clive: If you’re implying that I know anything about that girl who was with him and any information about their location. I know nothing. Even I did, I won’t tell you after the trouble you caused me.

He then pulled out a dark purple sphere out of his pocket. Hiro, Dani and Miwa were shocked to see it.

Miwa: That’s what he used to transform into a demon.

Dani: Is that a dark seed?

Clive forced the dark seed into his chest. When he did that, he transformed into a giant demonic version of himself.

Clive: Once I’m finished you, I will reign supreme over my kingdom! I will use them all for my experiments!

Jack: This guy’s nuts! Hiro, get ready! Clive is different from the other two we fought earlier.

Hiro didn’t respond. Jack turn to him and was shocked to see him covered in a dark purple aura and his eyes turned from blue to bright amber.

Looking at Clive, Hiro couldn’t help remembering what Nero did to his home and to the people. He thought about pain and suffering for the people of Eden, Mugen, and in Gurau.

Hiro: Your kingdom? You no king; you’re nothing but scum!

Clive: What was that!?

Hiro: You’re no different from the one that destroyed my home. You cause nothing but pain, fear, and sorrow. You’re willing to throw away the lives everybody here for your selfish gains!

He then points his sword at Clive.

Hiro: Its guys like you…..

Dani and Jack sensed his power level. They were shocked that Hiro has that much power.

Dani: (This power…)

Jack: (Just like before!)

“…really piss me off!”, Hiro yelled as runs towards Clive.

Clive shot his projectile claws at him, but just before they hit him, Hiro disappeared into thin air. Dani and Jack looked around wondering where he is.

“Come out, you coward!”, Clive yelled as he looked around the area for Hiro.

Suddenly Hiro appeared in front him. At a brief moment, Hiro’s sword was glowing with a light aura. Hiro swung his sword at an instant, cutting across Clive’s chest before he could dodge it. When he did that, he also destroyed the dark seed at the same time. Clive reverted back to his original self with torn clothes. He was shocked that Hiro destroyed the dark seed within his chest. He fell on his knees and he was in shocked that a kid beaten him that quickly.

Clive: H-How is this possible?! Specter told me you‘re far too weak to beat me!

The dark aura covering Hiro’s body disappears.

Hiro:  I guess he was wrong.

Hiro goes and help Dani and Jack to free Miwa from her cell. As they were freeing her, the Malfested appeared out of nowhere surrounding Clive. He was glad to see them. Hiro, Dani, Jack, and Miwa were shocked see them there.

Hiro: Malfested!?

Dani: Wait, why are they surrounding him?

Clive points at Hiro, Dani, Jack, and Miwa and yelled, “Get them!”
However they didn’t respond to his command.  Their main focus was Clive himself.

Clive: What are you doing? DO AS I COMMAND!

Hiro remembered seeing this before back at Eden.
A pool of darkness appeared under Clive. He was scared and confused.

Clive: W-What is this!?

He tried to get away, but the Malfested grabbed hold of him and began to drag him into to the dark pool. He struggled to escaped but to no avail.
Clive: Please no! I don’t want to die! Give me another chance! Let me go!
Afterwards he was full dragged in the dark pool with the Malfested. Suddenly the pool disappeared leaving Hiro, Dani, Jack and Miwa in shock.

Miwa: W-What just happened?

Dani: I really don’t know.

Hiro was speechless seeing that. However shrugged it off and says, “Clive’s gone. This is good news guys.”

Miwa: Yeah, you’re right.

Hiro: Let’s head back to the village and give them the good news.

Dani: I’ll meet you guys outside.

“Something wrong, Dani?”, Jack asks.

Dani: I just….need to do something.

“Okay.”, Miwa says as she and Hiro leaves the ship.

Minutes later, Hiro, Jack, and Miwa are outside waiting for Dani to finish what she had to do.

Miwa: Hiro…

Hiro: Hmm? What is it?

“Thank you!”, She said.

Hiro:  No problem. I’m just glad that you’re safe, ya know?

Miwa: Yes… wait my dad! Is he..?

Hiro: He’s okay. He’s little banged up, but overall he’s all right.

Miwa was relieved when he said that.

“I’m back.”, Dani says as she approaches them

“Hey, so what did you have to do?”, Jack asks

Dani:  Let’s put it this way; we got two minutes to leave this area before the ship explodes.

Hiro and Miwa were shocked when she said that.

“Explode!?”, Miwa yelled.

Dani: Let’s go now.

Hiro: Uh, did you forget that the bridge was destroyed?

“I said let me worry about.”, Dani say as she walked towards  the area where the bridge was destroyed.

Hiro: You don’t seem worried.

Jack: Don’t worry, she got this.

Dani’s body began to glow with the blue aura and with one swing of her sword, an ice like bridge appeared. Hiro and Miwa were amazed to see that.

They ran as fast as they can across the bridge before time runs out. As soon as they made it across the bridge; Clive’s ship explodes, melting the icy bridge in the process.
A couple of hours later, they finally made it to the village. When they got there, the villagers looked in amazement to see Miwa alive and well. Kaku ran to her and hugged her in tears.

Kaku: Miwa, you’re safe!

Miwa: Dad, you’re okay! Great news everyone! Clive is gone for good!

They heard that Clive is gone, the villagers cheered and celebrated their freedom from Clive’s reign of terror.  As they celebrated Hiro was happy that everything was resolved in Gurau. Dani tapped him on the shoulder and says “Hiro, it’s time to go.”

Hiro: Okay.

He, Jack, and Dani leave the village as the villagers were celebrating. Miwa notices that Hiro, Jack and Dani were nowhere in sight.

Hiro, Jack and Dani made it to the beach. Hiro looked around the area wondering how to leave the island.

“We should have a vacation here someday.” Jack says as he look around the beach.

Dani: Focus Jack.

Jack: I know.

“So, how do we leave, Dani?”, he asks.

“With this.”, she says as pulls a crystal out of her pocket.

Hiro: What is that?

Dani: Destination: Haven!

When she said that, the crystal began to glow with a bright light. Moments later, it disappeared and a portal appeared.

Dani: Ready to go, Hiro?

Hiro: Yep.

Before they stepped in the portal they hear Miwa yelling, “Wait!”
They turn around and see Miwa and Kaku approaching them.

Hiro: Something wrong?

Miwa: No nothing’s wrong. You guys are really leaving without saying goodbye?

Jack: Sorry about that, but we’re in a hurry now.

Kaku: I understand. I hope you can find your friends, Hiro.

Hiro smiles and says, “Thanks, Kaku. Thanks Miwa for helping me out.”

Miwa: We should be thanking you guys for taking down Clive.

Then the Elder approached them as well.

Hiro: Elder?

Elder: I am sorry for how we treated you. You save the island after everything we did and said to you.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that everything is going to be okay, ya know?” Hiro says with a smile.

Dani: Hiro.

Hiro: Right. See ya around, guys.

Miwa: Come back and see us again. You and your friends.

Elder: You will always be welcomed here, young one.

Kaku: Be safe, you hear?

Hiro smiles and waved at them as he, Jack, and Dani stepped in to the portal.

Hiro:  Till we meet again!
Hiro chapter 7 reboot
tell what you think
Chapter 6
A long way from home

Hiro steps into the portal. When he went inside; it was like he’s floating into an endless tunnel.  As he was floating, he thought about everything that happened to him: the strange dreams, the power he wields, and the Malfested.  Then he remembered what Specter said before.

(Specter: But I do know what happened to Roku. He met his end when he tried to stop me from getting to you.

Hiro: No…

Specter: That’s right. I killed him. His blood is stained on my blade)

Hiro: If he did kill Roku….then…Sama....Jack…..Dani.
He thought about the possibility that Sama, Dani and Jack may’ve met the same fate as Roku. Then he thought about Lily. The last time he saw her; she was in a trance and was taken by Specter and Nero. Hiro takes her pendent out of his pocket. He took one look at it and felt nothing but sorrow.  Everything was taken from him, his family, his friends, and his home. A tear runs down on his cheek as he thought about the possibility of not seeing Lily, Roku, Sama, Dani, and Jack again. Deep down, he was truly alone.

Hiro: (What now? What am I supposed to do? )

Suddenly he hears the girl’s voice calling out to him

Don’t give up.

Hiro: You again. Where are you?

Follow your heart.

Hiro: Who are you?

Suddenly a bright light at the end of the tunnel began to shine so bright that he had to cover his eyes. He hears the girl’s voice again.

“I am Lumina.”

He suddenly hears the sound of waves. He opens his eyes and finds himself on a beach. He looked around the area, wondering where he is.

Hiro: Where am I? Is this an island?

Suddenly he hears a girl screaming in the woods. He ran to see what was going on. When he entered the woods, he sees a female lynkas close to his age being chased by twelve Malfested.
“Malfested!?”, he exclaimed as he ran after them.

The girl tripped on a rock. She looked around and sees that she was surrounded. The Malfested had
the girl cornered. They were ready to pounce on her.   Hiro made it just in time. He points his sword at the monsters.

Hiro: Hey you, over here!

The monsters turned their attention to Hiro.

“Wanna pick a fight? Pick one with me!” Hiro yelled.

The Malfested wasted no time surrounding him. Hiro looked around and sees the monsters were out for blood. They jumped into the air to pounce on him. Hiro was ready to fight for his life. Suddenly his mark began to glow. His body was covered in a dark purple aura. Hiro took one swing with his sword. When he did that, his sword began to blow in the same aura as well and instantly destroyed all monsters.  Hiro was confused about what just happened. He looked at his mark and sees that it was glowing like in his dream. Then the girl approached him.

Girl: Hey thanks for saving me.

“No problem, miss.”, Hiro says.

Girl: My name is Miwa, not miss. We’re both the same age you know. Anyway, who are you? I’ve never seen you before

Hiro: Sorry about that, my name’s Hiro Vangard.

Then she observed Hiro’s clothes. “You’re not with Clive, are you?”

“No, who’s that?”, he asked.

Miwa:  If you don’t know him, then never mind.

Hiro: Okay then. So Miwa, what is this place?

Miwa: Gurau Island, of course.

Hiro: Gurau Island, huh. Hey I’m looking for my friends, have you seen them?

“Your friends?”, Miwa asks.

Hiro:  Yeah. Their names are, Lily, Jack, Dani or a guy name Roku or an old man name Sama.

Miwa: Sorry I don’t know anyone with those names. But if they are here, then they’re probably at the village.

Hiro: A village?

“Yeah, follow me.” She says as she leaves. Hiro follows her as well.

Minutes later, they made it to the village. However when they enter the village, some of the villagers began to glare at Hiro. Hiro was confused about that.  As they went farther in, more villagers began to look at him with contempt. The only was on his mind was looking for his friends.

Miwa suddenly stopped walking; Hiro, who wasn’t paying attention, bumped into her.

Hiro: Why’d you stop?

He looked ahead and sees the villagers blocking their path. Then an old male lynkas approached them.

“Miwa, why did you bring this outsider here?”

Miwa: Elder, he needed help to find his friends.

Elder:  That boy needs to leave now, if he knows what’s good for him.

Miwa: But Elder, he has done nothing wro-

Elder:  You were told not to leave the village and you bring an outsider to our village!?

Miwa: I know that but, Hiro, he saved from-

Elder: Enough Miwa! For all we know, this boy could be allied with Clive!

Hiro: Hey, don’t get mad her! She was just helping me look for my friends. Also I don’t know anything about this Clive!
The villagers were offended when Hiro spoke against the Elder.

Villager 1: You Scum! How dare you talk to our leader like that!

Villager 2: I guess even Clive’s flunkies got a lot of nerve to show his face here!

Villager 3: You better leave or you won’t see tomorrow!

Elder:  Young man, I advise you to leave our village this instant.

Miwa was visibly upset at the villagers’ actions against Hiro. “Listen, he’s not-“

Hiro: Miwa.

She turned to him. “Huh?”

Hiro smiles and says “Don’t worry about it, ‘k? I doubt they’re here anyway. Besides I don’t want to get you in trouble, ya know?

Miwa:  But Hiro-

“I’ll see you around, ‘k?” Hiro says as he leaves the village.

Miwa: But Elder, just listen….

Elder: Keep silent, Miwa!

Meanwhile, Hiro wanders through the woods to get back to the beach.
Hiro: ( What was that all about? Why did they think I was with this Clive? )

As soon he made it to the clearing, he looked around the area, and was surprised to see a familiar figure walking towards the beach.

Hiro: Is that……Lily?

Hiro ran after her to see if it’s really Lily. He hoped that it was her. When he finally made it to the beach, he approached her.
“Lily, is that you?”, he asked.

She turned around and looked at him in confusion.

Hiro was happy to see her again

“Who…are you? And how do you know my name?” , she asked.

Hiro was shocked to hear that. Then he remembered that Nero and Specter kidnapped her right before Eden was destroyed.

Hiro:  Could it be? Did Specter erase your memories? Lily, it’s me, Hiro, your best friend, remember?  Do you remember Roku, your grandfather Sama, Jack and Dani?

Lily: Hiro…..

As soon as she heard those names, she felt a sharp pain in her head. The pain was overwhelming that she fell on both knees clutching her head.

Lily: What’s….What’s happening to me!?

“Hey, you okay?”, Hiro asked as he held her hands.

Lily closed her eyes and began to see images of her time she spent with Hiro, Sama, and Roku and meeting Jack and Dani. She opened her opens and sees Hiro, who was worried about her. She eyes were filled with tears of joy when she finally remembered who he is.

Lily: Hiro…it’s you.

“Lily..”, Hiro says as his heart leaped for joy.

Both Hiro and Lily were happy to see each other again for a brief moment. Suddenly felt that sharp pain in her head again.  Her body was covered with a dark aura.

Hiro: H-Hey what’s going on!?

Lily: H-Help…..m-me!

Suddenly they hear a voice saying, “Step away from our toy.”
A dark portal appeared and a brown skin woman emerges out of the portal.  She held her hand and unleashed a powerful force that hits Hiro are few feet away from Lily. Lily tries to get to him, but Specter appeared out of nowhere and struck her on the back of her head to knock her out. He catches her when she fell.

“Lily!” Hiro yelled.

Woman: Graviton.

Hiro tried to get up to help Lily, but he felt a powerful force holding him down to the ground.  He couldn’t move an inch.  A dark portal appeared behind Specter.

“Keep him busy, Phantema.”, he  says as carried Lily into the portal with him.

“Stop!”, Hiro says as he tries to get up to help her, but Phantema’s power prevented him from doing so.

Phantema: You’re not going anywhere!

Hiro couldn't move his body and couldn’t help see Specter taking Lily away just like what happened in Eden. His anger grew as his body glowed with the dark purple aura and his eyes turned from blue to amber. He struggled to stand on his feet. Phantema was surprised that he was almost on his feet.
“W-what are you!” she yelled as she used Graviton to keep him down.

Suddenly he was able to stand up and with one swing of his sword he was able to break free. Phantema   was surprised that anyone would break free from her Graviton spell.  Just then Hiro charged at her with sword to strike her down, but she disappears into thin air. The aura around him disappeared and he fell on his knees from exhaustion.   The only emotion he felt was sorrow. He couldn’t help Lily again

Three hours passed by, Hiro sits alone at the beach staring at the sunset reflecting on the ocean. He didn’t know what do. Phantema and Specter took Lily away and he’s stuck on an island where no one wants him there.  He couldn't help remembering about what happened to Lily earlier.  The way she looked and the dark aura around her. He was worried about and also the possibility that something happened to Jack and Dani as well.  Then he thought about Roku and his possible death. He also wonders if Lumina would return for him.

Hiro:  (Lily. Roku. Sama. Jack. Dani. What can I do? I couldn’t save her, or the others. Lumina, where are you?)

The setting sun was disappearing and the stars began to appear. Hiro looked up at them. He remembered the last conversation he had with Lily back at the Warren.

(Lily: How many other worlds do you think are out there?

Hiro: Well, I remember I asked my mom that. She told me that the worlds are like the stars.  There are an infinite number of them out there. One day I’m going to see them all.

Lily: You think my world is out there, too?

Hiro: I think so. 

Lily: I can’t wait to see it, along with the other worlds. When that time comes, will you come with me?

Hiro: Yeah of course.)

When he remembered that, a tear ran down his cheek. Suddenly he hears a voice saying, “You there.”
He turns around and sees a male lynkas who looked as though he’s Roku’s age.

“Who are you?” Hiro asks.

“My name is Kaku. Are you the one that helped my daughter before?”, he said.

Hiro: Your daughter…? You mean Miwa?

Kaku: Yes.

Kaku looked up at the sky and looked around the area. “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be here by yourself.”

Hiro remained silent.

Kaku: Why don’t come to the village, where it’s safe.

Hiro: Sure about that? The villagers may not like that.

“He’s sure.”, Miwa says as she approached them.

Hiro: Miwa.

Miwa:  Everyone in the village has cooled down and my father talked to the Elder. He says you can stay for a while.

Kaku: How about it, kid? You’ll be safe there.

Hiro was happy because of Miwa and Kaku’s kindness

“Thanks a lot.”, Hiro says with a smile on his face.

Hiro followed Kaku and Miwa back to the village. Some of the villagers were still on the fence about letting him in the village. He couldn’t help but feel like an unwelcomed visitor in Gurau.  Minutes they made it to their house. Hiro wanted to ask some questions about what’s going in Gurau. Before he could say anything, Kaku stops him and says “I know you have questions, but for now get some rest. All will be explained tomorrow. There’s a spare room in the next room.”  

“I’ll show you.”, Miwa says as she leads him to the spare room.
When he in the room, he fell on the bed. He hears Miwa saying, “Things will look up soon. I’m sure of it.”

Hiro: Thanks Miwa. I hope so.

As Miwa leaves, Hiro began to look at his mark deeply.

Hiro: (It all began because of this.)

His eyelids began to feel heavy. After everything he went through, he was very tired.
Hiro chapter 6 reboot
same as before just adding a few new details
like I mentioned before, I 'm stuck with the current story. The reason is, I'm thinking another way to the story.
For example, Roku is Hiro's adopted father. Kaden and Ezra have a different role. Hiro and Lily are still childhood friends with missing memories. The Crusaders are a guild. Main Character list. Instead of Renkai, they are Elemental Mystics. Instead of the  Reapers, a group called The Ravagers. 

Hiro Vangard
Lily Highwind
Kiba Kazma
Dani North
Aleu Kazma
Jack Prishe
Genki Saru
Roku Etro
Mira Vinyard

Pretty much try to combine The Hiro Chronicles and Sol prequel. 

I said maybe I write it.


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