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Hiro Vangard
race: Lynkas
Age: 15
power: Fire
weapon: Sword

Bio: Hiro grew up in a small town called The Warren. When he was six years old he once lived in the city of light, Eden, before the Rebellion War. Despite his happy go lucky personality, he harbors dark past. His parents died during the war and he and his brother, Kazh lives in an orphanage where he meets Lily, Preed, and Snow. Two years ago Kazh was killed by a traitor name Orion Noctis.  He harbors strong hatred for Nero and Orion Noctis. Despite all that, he still keeps a happy exterior. He and Lily has a not so secret crush on each other. Hiro, Snow, and Preed became close friends and then "brothers". From time to time his godfather, Roku Etro, would visit and trains him and his friends. Lately he has been having dreams about a mysterious entity and a mysterious girl giving cryptic words. One day Lily was captured by King Nero and he encounters a boy in a mask and his world was destroyed. Can Hiro along with his friends save her and what is beyond the stars for the heroes?

Lily Highwind
Race: Catus(anthro cat)
Power: Light
Weapon: Rapier

Bio: She is Hiro's best friend. The two of them have a secret crush on each other.  Despite the her looks, she can handle herself well  in a fight. She gives advice for those who need it. She dreams of being master to teach the next generation. She worries about Hiro for jumping into trouble. She has no memories of her past. She carries around a crystal tear for may be the key to her memories. But still she's happy to be around Hiro and her grandfather, Sama. She was captured by Nero's guards and was almost forced to marry Nero before she was rescued by Hiro and the Crusaders. One day she disappears from the world. Will Hiro save her in time?

Snow Ballad
Age: 16
Race: Lepus (anthro rabbit)
Weapon: punch and Kicks

Bio: He is one of Hiro's best friend and self proclaimed Fighting Ace. He's really a nice guy to know, but his past wasn't all good. Like Hiro, his parents fought in the war, but his mother dies. As a result   His father went on a drinking binge and  abused him and his little brother Kale since the death of their mother. One day He and Kale had enough courage to try to ran away from home at age 10, but their father caught them. Snow was able to escape but Kale wasn't so lucky because he was beaten to death and his father disappeared from sight. To this Day he still feels guilty about for not protecting him. Days later he gets in to a street brawl with older kids and surprisingly won all his fights. He trained him to control h. Despite his past, he is a happy go lucky guy. His favorite sports is kick boxing and basketball. Hiro and Snow became fast friends and became like a big brother to Lily, Hiro and Preed does whatever it takes to protect them  He has the ability to cover himself in granite to be indestructible, super strength and manipulate the earth.

 Preed Kaiser
Age: 14
Weapon: Spear
Power: Wind
Race: Racconus (anthro raccoon)

Bio: His parents were killed in the war. He grew up as an orphan. Over time he became friends with Hiro, Lily, and Snow. . He has a laid back personality. He's sometimes the lighthearted jokester. He is a well known thief and Lily lectures him for that. He also trains with his friends and can handle himself in a fight. Others sometimes view him as immature, and a bit thickheaded. However, he continually proves invaluable with his kindness, quick-thinking, and battle prowess.   He has the power of wind and a real speedster.

Dani North
Weapon: katana
Power: water

Bio:She is second in command of The Crusaders. She can be hot headed but when push comes to shove, she will be there to help her friends. She is Noel's best friend since he joined The Crusaders a few years and his second in command. She meets Hiro. she gets along with him  well though at times she and Hiro argue, but lter become like an big sister to him and Lily.  Her aunt, Mira gives her ninja training. When she fights she is fast and lethal. At the moment, no one except Mira knows about her past. She can live with being called hot but she disapproves of being called as chick


Roku Etro
Age: 38
power: powers of Fenrir
Race: Lupus (anthro wolf)
weapon: twin swords

Bio: Roku is a close friend of Sol and Luna Vangard and Hiro's god father. He is the leader of A group called Crusaders, a team that travel to different worlds that destroys abnormalities normally the soul eaters. He was once an assassin along with his brothers, when he was younger until his encounter with Sol. He may look scary but he's really a kind-hearted person. He does become strict when necessary. He is a prime example of the saying "never judge a book by its cover. He may have incredible powers, but it is also a curse. His mission is to gather all of the remnants of Ragnarok. He has the power of the wolf god Fenrir. Increase in speed ( faster than Preed) and on the night of the Crimson Moon, he becomes a wolf-beast.



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