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Chapter 12
Renkai of the wild Part 1

That night, back in Haven, after everything has happened, Hiro sat alone on the roof of Head Quarters thinking about everything Master Basho had told him. It was hard for him to believe that his father was the original Renkai of Ragnarok, the fact that he and the others encountered powerful enemies known as the Reapers. Not to mention the fact that there are Renkai who might be infected like Lily. He also can’t wrap his mind about what happened to his home. He then laid back and looked up at the night sky. The only thing he can see is a full moon.  He remembered that Dani told him that there weren’t many stars here in Haven. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice saying, “There you are.”

He sat up and sees Lily approaching him.

“Hey, Lily, what’s up?” Hiro said as he stood up.

“Everyone’s looking for you.”, she said.

Hiro: Really? Sorry about that. I just had too much on my mind about all this.

Lily looked at the light blue flame mark on her wrist and felt what he felt about everything happening too fast.

However Hiro smiled and says, “Well, at least we can still find your home, right?”

Lily was surprised that he said that. After everything that was happening, he still thought about helping her finding her home.  

Lily: W-What? Wait, you’re still thinking about that?

Hiro: Sure. Why you ask?

Lily: Because of everything that’s been happening, with those monsters, and having to deal with the Reapers. And…after what happened to the Warren, I’m not sure if my world is out there.

“I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, Lily.” , he said.

“But how do you know that?”, she asked.

Hiro: Okay, I don’t know, but still we won’t know ‘til look. I promise you, we will find it one day, you’ll see.

She was touched that he said that.

Lily: Hiro…

“If you two lovebirds are done talking, maybe we should head to the Main Room now.” ,Dani said.
Hiro and Lily turned around and were shocked to see she was standing there. When the word lovebirds came up; they blushed.

Lily: W-what?! Wait a minute!

Hiro: W-We’re not lovebirds!

Dani laughs and says “I’m just messing with you. C’mon, everyone’s waiting.”

Minutes later, the trio made it to the Main Room with Mira, Preed, and Kaden were waiting on them. Hiro looked around and notices that Roku isn’t here.

“About time you show up.”, Preed says.

Hiro: Roku hasn’t come back, yet?

“He’s busy for the moment. He says he’ll patrol the town; while the six of us leave on a mission.
We’re supposed to go to a planet called Truncatis.” Mira said.

Suddenly a hologram of the planet appears in the middle of the room. While it was projecting, a big red dot was blinking in the middle of the planet.

“What’s that?”, Kaden asked

Dani: That signal usually means there’s something powerful on that planet. More than likely it’s the Malfested.

Hiro: I wonder if Specter’s there too.

Minutes later, after the Eagle left Haven, everyone on the ship were anxious about what will happen when they get to Truncatis. They all wondered whether or not the Reapers will appear. Mira sets the ship on autopilot.

Mira: It will take some time to get to Truncatis. The ship is on autopilot heading there now. Everyone rest up until we get there.

Lily sat alone in the lobby staring at out the window seeing all the sea of stars passing by. She never imagined to fly through space and was a little excited to see another world. However, at the same time, she didn’t like the price of it. Losing a place she called home, and remember everything she and her friends went through in the Warren and Eden.  

“Hey, you okay?”, Dani asked as she sits next to her.

Lily: Yes, I’m fine. I just had a lot on my mind.

Dani:  I can imagine after everything you and the others went through. Can I ask you something?

Lily: What is it?

Dani: I heard Hiro say something about finding your world. What did he mean?

Lily: That I’m neither from Eden nor the Warren. The problem is I don’t remember anything about my home or anything about my past.

“It must be tough not to have any memories of your past.”, Dani said with concern.

Lily smiles and says, “Yes, but I had Mr. Roku and my friends that helped me along the way.

Dani: Hiro, huh?

Lily: He’s been helping me trying to piece together my memories.

“Piece together your memories?”, Dani asked.

“See, whenever the Crystal glows….bits and pieces of memories appear in my dreams. The problem is I can’t piece them together.”

Dani: I see…and Hiro is willing to help you find out?

Lily nods her head. “No matter what happens, he always finds a way to make people happy.”

Dani: I see.

Suddenly she sees Lily’s eyes filled with tears.

“What’s wrong?” she asked

“After everything that’s happened, I'm not sure my home is even out there. It might end up like the Warren.”, She says with a tear running down her cheek.

Dani was concern about her. “Lily…”

“Look at me; sitting here bumming you out. Don’t worry about it, k?” Lily said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Dani: You’re not bumming me out. I’m sure your home is out there somewhere, you’ll see.

Lily: You think so?

Dani: Yeah. Like Hiro said before, we won't know until we look, right? You said whenever your pendant glows you see bits and pieces of your memory?

Lily: Yeah.

Dani: So if you give me some clues I can look through the Galactic Map to find your home.

Lily: Really, you mean it?

Dani: Sure, we're a team now. We look for each other.

“Thank you, Dani. It really means a lot.” She says with a smile.

In the training facility, Hiro and Kaden just finished sparring each other for over forty minutes as Preed looks on after his session with Kaden.

“Hey, can we take break?” Hiro asked as he fell backwards to sit down.

“Yeah, sure.”, Kaden said as he did the same.

Hiro (panting): You’re…really good.

Kaden: Thanks. You...too.

"Hiro, how do you do it?' Preed asked as approach them.

Hiro: Do what?

Preed: Handle his punches.

Kaden: Dude, you just can't take a punch.

Hiro: To be fair Kay, you got super strength. You could've held on him at least 50%.

Preed: No, how about 80%?

Kaden: Fine! Next time I'll hold back next time.

Hiro: Anyway, what do you think this world is going to be like?

Kaden was confused about what he said.

“What? Aren’t you afraid that Specter might come after you again or if we might run into those Reapers again?”

“Yeah, kinda, but as long as there is something to look forward to, it seems less scary.”

“Where did you get that from?”, Preed asked.

Hiro: My dad. He once told me that’s what kept him going during his travels. Of course I never thought his journey involved traveling to different worlds.

Kaden: Your dad….he was a good man.

Hiro: Yeah. I hear that a lot.

Kaden: I wish mine was-

Hiro: Hmm?

“Hey I’m going to see how much longer till we get there. So rest up till then, okay?” Kaden said as he leaves the room.

Hiro and Preed was confused about what Kaden was going to say.

Preed: Is he still touchy about his old man?

Hiro: I guess so.

Minutes later, Hiro walked down the hallway and sees Mira up a head.

“So how liking this so far, Hiro?” Mira asked.

Hiro smiles and says “Great! I’m just excited to see another world and flying through the stars like this.”

Mira ruffled his hair and says, “Yeah that’s wear off very soon.”

Hiro: No way. It won’t wear off!

Mira: Relax I was kidding. You’re just like your mother.

“Well, anyway, I won’t screw up on the mission, like the last time.”

“I’ll make sure you don’t.”, Mira says as she walked away.

Moments later, Hiro ends up in the lobby and sees Lily sitting alone starring out the window.

“Hey, you feelin’ all right?”, he asked as he sat next to her.

Lily: Yeah. I just have a lot on my mind.

Hiro: Same here. So are you excited?

Lily: Huh?

“To see a new world, of course.”, Hiro says.

Lily: Kind of. I’m just nervous if we run into those The Reapers and the Malfested again.

Hiro: Hey, as long as we work together, I’m sure we’ll find a way to beat them.

“We here.” Mira says as she entered the room.

Moments later, before Hiro was going to the transporter Kaden pulled him away to talk to him personally.

“What?” Hiro asked.

Kaden:  We’re not going to have a repeat of last time are we?

“You mean the whole headache thing? I guarantee you, it won’t happen again.” Hiro says.

Kaden: You’re sure?

Hiro: I’m sure.

He sees that Kaden wasn’t convinced.

Hiro: Okay, how about this; if it happens again, you’ll be the first to know. Is that okay?

Kaden: You promise?

Hiro: Yes Kaden, I promise. Why worry, man?

Kaden: Well...Preed and I were worried about you and Lily when you guys went missing, and after you passed out the other day, I'm just worried, okay?

Hiro: After everything that's been happening; I can't blame you. Hey I'm serious, I promise to tell you if anything goes wrong.

"Okay, little bro.", Kaden says as he held his fist out.

Hiro and Kaden fist bump in agreement.

Minutes later they were transported in the middle of a jungle. They see a village a few miles away. As the group was walking through the village, a young humanoid tiger, known as a Tigris, was spying on them I the shadows.
Hiro looked around wondering if Specter or the Malfested would appear. He remembered the last time he encountered Specter, how he was almost killed by him

“Something wrong, Hiro?”, Lily asked.

Hiro: Uh... nothing wrong.  

Lily: Sure about that?

Hiro knows that he can’t hide anything form her. He looked ahead to make sure the others didn’t hear them.

“Okay. I’m a little paranoid about Specter.”

Lily: Why?

Hiro: Well…It’s just…I ran into him three times. During those times, he kept targeting me for some reason. I kept thinking about the last time I fought him. That guy’s no joke. I don’t what to do if I see him again.

“It’s like what you said before. As long we work together, we’ll find way to beat him and the Malfested. Besides, this time you won't be alone.” Lily said.

“Yeah, you’re right, Lily.”, Hiro says in relieve.

“Yo, what’s the hold up?”, Kaden says as he and Preed approached them.

Preed: Everything okay, guys?

Hiro: Yeah, everything's cool.

"You didn't get that headache again, did you?", Kaden asks.

Hiro: No, I didn't.

Kaden turns to Lily. "Did he?"

Lily: No he's okay.

Kaden: All right, let's go Mira and Dani are waiting for us.

Hiro was confused about what just happened.

Hiro: Wait! Why did you have to ask her if I'm okay, huh?

"You know why." Kaden says as he walks ahead.

"What was that all about?", Hiro asks.

Lily: He's just worried, that's all.

Preed: Come on we’re left behind.

Suddenly, they hear a loud growl and ruffling bushes. Hiro, Lily, and Preed looked around the area.

Preed: W-W-What was that!?

Hiro:  Malfested maybe?

Lily looked around and spots a shadow running through the trees.

Lily: He’s there I see him!

Then Preed sees the shadow passing him.

Preed: No he’s over here!

Hiro looked area the area and yells “Come out Specter! I know you’re here!”

Suddenly the trio hear a loud warrior coming from behind. They turned around and see a Tigris covered with a fiery red aura.

Lily: Uh, That’s not Specter.

Preed: But he’s just as scary!

Hiro: Who are you?

The Tigris held out his hand. A ball fire appeared and a red sword appears on its place.

“Taiga will destroy darkness!” he yelled.

Preed: What’s he talking about?

Lily: Probably the Malfested.

Then Taiga points his sword at Hiro and yells, “Scourge of the dark, feel the wrath of Taiga’s blade!”

Hiro was shocked about what he just said.

Hiro: He’s talking about me!

Suddenly Taiga disappeared into thin air. The he appear in front of Hiro to strike him, but Hiro dodge his attack in a nick of time.

“Hey wait a minute! I’m not bad the bad guy!” Hiro exclaimed, but Taiga wasn’t convinced.

"You scum!", Taiga yelled as he ran to attack him again.

Hiro blocks all his attacks with his sword as fast as he could, but Taiga seems to be more powerful. Lily and Preed ran in to help Hiro. However Taiga saw them coming. He held out his hand and a ball of fire appeared. As that was happening, Hiro notices a dark red flame mark on Taiga's hand.

Hiro: (That mark! He’s a Renkai!)

Taiga: Fire Blast!

A beam of fire appears aiming at Lily and Preed, but they dodge it just in time.

Taiga: Do not interfere!

Preed: That’s our friend you’re attacking!

Taiga: Then you are Taiga’s enemies!

Lily and Preed were ready to attack

“Guys he’s a Renkai!” Hiro yelled.

“He is? But why is he fighting us? ”, Lily asks.

Preed: He must think we’re with the Malfested.

Then Hiro tries to talk to Taiga.

Hiro: Taiga, is it? We’re not your enemies. We’re all on the same side. In fact we’re Ren-

Before he could finish his sentence, Taiga grabs him by the throat trying choke the life out of him. Lily and Preed were shocked at Taiga’s actions

Taiga: Silence, you SCUM!!

“Hiro!” Lily and Preed yelled as they run towards them to save Hiro.

“Don’t interfere!” Taiga yelled as he uses Fire Blast to prevent Lily and Preed to intervene. The attack was dead on to their position. Just before the blast hit them, the beam of fire was redirected to another direction. The fire was being absorbed by Mira’s katana.
Taiga couldn't believe what he just saw.

Taiga: What!?

Suddenly out of nowhere, Kaden punches Taiga hard enough to let go of Hiro from his grip.

“You okay, Hiro?”, Kaden asks.

“Y-yeah.” Hiro says as tries to catch his breathe.

Mira: Fox Fire!

With one swing of her blade, Mira unleashed a beam of blue fire targeting Taiga. Taiga jumped high enough to dodge her attack. Then he looked up and sees Dani above him.

“Time to cool you down, wildcat!” She says as she uses Ice Beam to freeze him.
He was encased in a block of ice. When the ice hit the ground, it shatters freeing Taiga. When he stood up, he sees that he was surrounded.  Then he lets out a load roar and was ready to fight them all.

??: Enough Taiga!

They all turned around and sees an older Tigris approaching them.

Taiga: But Elder…

Elder: I said that is enough, Taiga!

Taiga finally calms down and began to leave the area. Then Hiro calls out to him.

Hiro: Taiga wait.

Taiga glares at him.

Hiro: Just hear  me out. We're not your enemies. In fact look.

Hiro shows him his flame mark. Taiga was shocked and looked at his as well. Suddenly Hiro's mark began to glow. Then Lily, Preed, Kaden Dani and Taiga's marks began to glow as well.
Taiga couldn't believe that they all have the same mark and powers as him. Then he runs way into the jungle.

Hiro: Taiga...
Hiro chapter 12 revamped
introducing Taiga as last

tell me what you think
All stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Like most stories, this one has its origins. It all began with a young warrior’s awakening.

In the a town called Carthage, a 40-year old humanoid lynx, known as a Lynkas name Antares, carrying the body of his 15-year-old son, who is in a comatose state, to the edge of town. Antares made it to the tree near the Crystal River. He sets his son against the tree. Then he sees the morning sun glistening on the river.
Then he looks at his son and the gold flame mark on his right hand.

Antares:  Can you hear the river running? It may be the last thing you can hear as your soul is fading away. You are no further use to me now.

The boy opens his eyes and finds himself falling into darkness. Then he hears a voice saying “I have found you.”

The boy lands on the ground and looks around to see where that voice came from.

Boy: Who are you? Where are you?

??: Tell me your name.

“My name is..”

The boy tries to remember his name.

“Huh, I guess my name is the only thing I can remember. My name is… Sol… Vangard.

??: Sol Vangard.

Sol notices that his body is fading.

“Huh? Why am I fading?”

??: Your Soul is fading way. This part of you is nothing more than a fragment.

“Will I die?” Sol asks.

??: Let your soul fuse with mine.

Sol looks up and sees glowing eyes above him.

Sol: Are you sure?

??: You will be alive and you can still be yourself.

Sol smiles and says “Okay, I trust you.”

Suddenly a portal of light appeared in front him.

???: Step in the light to fuse.

Sol did what the voice told him to do. When he did, he began to feel whole.

Then the voice says, “From here on, you and I are one.”

Sol: We are one.

???: The next to do is…

Sol/???: Awake!
Sol Prologue
This is a preview of the Sol Prequel.

Tell me what you think.

Hiro Vangard
race: Lynkas
Age: 14
power: Darkness
weapon: Sword

Bio: Hiro grew up in a small town called The Warren. When he was six years old he once lived in the city of light, Eden, before the Rebellion War. Despite his happy go lucky personality, he harbors dark past. His parents died during the war and he and his cousin, Kazh and his frend Preed lives Roku
  i n the Warren where he meets Lily, Mikey, and Kaden. Two years ago Kazh was killed by a traitor name Orion Noctis and Mikey was killed by his father. He harbors strong hatred for Nero and Orion Noctis. Despite all that, he still keeps a happy exterior. He and Lily have a not so secret crush on each other. Hiro, Kaden, and Preed became close friends and then "brothers". From time to time his godfather, Roku Etro, trains him and his friends. Lately he has been having dreams about a mysterious entity and a mysterious girl giving cryptic words. One day Lily was captured by King Nero and he encounters a boy in a mask and his world was destroyed. Can Hiro along with his friends save her and what is beyond the stars for the heroes?

Personality: Confident, friendly, determined, Adventurous,

Likes: His friends, adventuring, becoming strong, seeing people happy

Dislikes: Tyrants, Malfested, Specter, Nero, Orion, and being teased about his crush on Lily.

Lily Highwind
Age: 14
Race: Catus (anthro cat)
Power: Light
Weapon: Rapier

Bio: She is Hiro's best friend. The two of them have a secret crush on each other. Despite the looks, she can handle herself well in a fight. She gives advice for those who need it. She dreams of being master to teach the next generation. She worries about Hiro for jumping into trouble. She has no memories of her past. She carries around a crystal tear for may be the key to her memories. But still she's happy to be around Hiro Kaden, And Preed. She was captured by Nero's guards and was almost forced to marry Nero before she was rescued by Hiro and friends. One day she disappears from the world. Will Hiro save her in time? Her power telepathy, healing magic.

Personality: Compassionate, determined, friendly, hardworking

Likes: her friends, peace, helping those in need.

Dislike: Preed’s pranks. People in pain and sorrow.

Kaden Ballad

Age: 15

Race: Lepus (anthro rabbit)
Weapon: punch and Kicks
Power: Earth

Bio: He is one of Hiro's childhood best friend and self-proclaimed Fighting Ace. He's really a nice guy to know, but his past wasn't all good. Like Hiro, his parents fought in the war, but his mother dies. As a result His father went on a drinking binge and abused him and his little brother Mikey since the death of their mother. One day he and Mikey had enough courage to try to run away from home , but their father caught them. Kaden was able to escape but Mikey wasn't so lucky because he was beaten to death and his father disappeared from sight. To this Day he still feels guilty about for not protecting him. Days later he gets in to a street brawl with older kids and surprisingly won all his fights. Roku trained him to control his anger. Despite his past, he is a happy go lucky guy. His favorite sports is kick boxing and basketball. He became like a big brother to Lily, Hiro and Preed and does whatever it takes to protect them He has the ability to cover himself in granite to be indestructible, super strength and manipulate the earth.

Personality: Strong, Daring, friendly, hardworking, playful

Likes: his pals, protect the things that matter,

Dislike: bullies, his father, seeing those close to him upset

Preed Kaiser
Age: 14
Weapon: Spear
Power: Wind
Race: Racconian (anthro raccoon)

Bio: His parents were before. He grew up as an orphan until Sol and Luna adopted him. Over time he became friends with Hiro, Kaden, Lily and Mikey. He has a laid back personality. He's sometimes the lighthearted jokester. He is a well-known thief and Lily lectures him for that. He also trains with his friends and can handle himself in a fight. Others sometimes view him as immature, and a bit thickheaded. However, he continually proves invaluable with his kindness, quick-thinking, and battle prowess. He has the power of wind and a real speedster.

Personality: Playful, Optimistic, and Simple, Light hearted fun loving

Likes: his pals, exploring, teasing Hiro and Lily.

Dislike: Waking up early, Lectures

Dani North
Age: 15
Race: human
Weapon: katana
Power: water

Bio: She is the rookie member of the Crusaders along with Hiro, Lily, Kaden, and Preed. She known as the wiz kid when comes to technology. She can be hot headed but when push comes to shove, she will be there to help her friends. She meets Hiro. She gets along with him well though at times she and Hiro argue, but after a while become like a big sister to him and Lily. Her aunt, Mira gives her ninja training. When she fights she is fast and lethal.
She can live with being called hot but she disapproves of being called as chick. She doesn't like her father very well.

Personality: Reliable, Strong, creative

Likes: her friends, her aunt, her sister, training, and technology.

Dislikes: Her father, Preed’s pranks, being called a chick.

Age: 16
Race: Tigris (anthro tiger)

Power: fire

Bio: Part of the Tigra clan, he is a fierce warrior. He speaks in third person. He may look intimating but he has a heart of gold. However because of his power, he is shunned by his fellow clansmen except Elder Akira who is concerned about Taiga's wellbeing. He meets Hiro and his friends. He will warm up to them.

Personality: Curious, strong, good natured, courageous

Likes: training, being respected, Elder Akira, and his friends.

Dislikes: Being alone and hated

Roku Etro
Age: 38
power: powers of Fenrir
Race: Lupus (anthro wolf)
weapon: twin swords

Bio: Roku is a close friend of Sol and Luna Vangard and Hiro's god father. Two years before the Rebellion War, his wife and kids were killed by Romulus. He felt the guilt of not protecting them. He is the leader of a group called Crusaders, a team that travel to different worlds that destroys abnormalities known as the Malfested. He was once an assassin along with his brothers, when he was younger until his encounter with Sol. He may look scary but he's really a kind-hearted person. He does become strict when necessary. He is a prime example of the saying "never judge a book by its cover. He may have incredible powers, but it is also a curse. He has the power of the wolf god Fenrir. Increase in speed (faster than Preed) and on the night of the Blood Moon, he becomes a wolf-beast far worse than a werewolf.

Personality: Kind, Strong, Stern, Proud

Likes: His students, peace, traveling, and teaching.

Dislikes: His brother Romulus, seeing his students upset about something serious, people keeping secrets from him.


Age: 15
Race: Lynkas

Hiro lives in a place called Dawn City with his grandfather Yusei. He can handle himself in a fight because of Yusei's training. Throughout his life he felt like he didn't fit in and sometimes wants to feel normal. One day he encounters three strange people name Akela, Asami, and Sobek. They tell him he has the same kind of powers as they do. He returns to see his grandfather dying. His dying words is to fulfill his destiny . He sets off with the trio to find the answer about himself.

Age 16
Race: Lupus

Akela is the leader of the Wildforce. He was once part of a criminal group called Dogpound until he left the group for unknown reasons. He is friends with Sobek and Asami, and later, Hiro. When Hiro joins the group, Akela became his mentor and best friend to him. he flirts with Asami regularly. He may have an eccentric behavior but he stern when its necessary.

Age: 15
Race: Human

Asami is the second in command of the Wildforce. She lost her family when she was eight years old. She has a caring attitude and a real anger problem that scares even Sobek. She is strong than she looks. Hiro encounters her first , later became like a sister to him. Akela flirts around her, but her responds is, "Flattered but not interested."

age 17
Race: Gataran

Sobek is the powerhouse of the team. He was once part of the Tornstar circus as teh strong man. However because of his monsterous appearance he was treated poorly by Samuel Tornstar and his audience. He ran away and joins the wildforce.
When Hiro encountered him, he was hostile at first, but when joins the team he understands his problme with fitting in.


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