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Wildforce by kdrj4402
These three are mutants the Dreamkeepers will encounter in part 2 or 3

Age 16
Race: Lupus 

Akela is the leader of the Wildforce. He was once part of a criminal group called Dogpound until he left the group for unknown reasons. He is friends with Sobek and Asami.  He flirts with Asami regularly. He may have an eccentric behavior but he stern when its necessary.
Powers of werewolf 

Age: 15
Race: Human

Asami is the second in command of the Wildforce. She lost her family when she was eight years old. She has a caring attitude and a real anger problem that scares even Sobek. She is strong than she looks. Akela flirts around her, but her responds is, "Flattered but not interested." Power of Crimson fire

age 16
Race: Gataran

Sobek is the powerhouse of the team. He was once part of the Tornstar circus as teh strong man. However because of his monsterous appearance he was treated poorly by Samuel Tornstar and his audience. He ran away and joins the Wildforce.
Absorbing matter

Manga girl app
Champions online 
The Heroes of destiny by kdrj4402
The Heroes of destiny

Heroes of the story.

Haruki, hero of the prequel 

Hiro, The hero of the main story

Their stories will connect to a upcoming war

Art by

Taiga by kdrj4402
Age: 16
Race: Tigris (anthro tiger

Bio: Part of the Tigra clan, he is a fierce warrior. He talks in third person. He may look intimating but he has a heart of gold. However because of his power, he is shunned by his fellow clansmen except  Elder Kelk who is concerned about Taiga's well being. He meets Haruki  and his friends. He will warm up to them.

Taiga will be in the Haruki prequel
Hiro and Roku taking a selfie by kdrj4402
Hiro and Roku taking a selfie
Just as the title says

i like this picture because it shows Roku being lighthearted instead of being serious all the time. In part 2 he might become that.

art by
All stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Like most stories, this one has its origins. It all began with a young warrior’s awakening.

In the a town called Carthage, a 40-year old humanoid lynx, known as a Lynkas name Kazuto, carrying the body of a 15-year-old lynkas boy, who is in a comatose state, to the edge of town. Kazuto made it to the tree near the Sapphire River. He sets the boy against the tree. Then he sees the morning sun glistening on the river.

Then he looks at the boy and the gold flame mark on his right hand.

Kazuto:  Can you hear the river running? It may be the last thing you can hear as your soul is fading away. You are no further use to me now.

The boy opens his eyes and finds himself falling into darkness. Then he hears a voice saying “I have found you.”

The boy lands on the ground and looks around to see where that voice came from.

Boy: Who are you? Where are you?

???: Tell me your name.

“My name is..”

The boy tries to remember his name.

“Huh, I guess my name is the only thing I can remember. My name is… Haruki… Vangard.

??: Haruki Vangard.

Haruki notices that his body is fading.

“Huh? Why am I fading?”

??: Your Soul is fading way. This part of you is nothing more than a fragment.

“Will I die?”, Haruki asks.

??: Let your soul fuse with mine.

Haruki looks up and sees glowing eyes above him.

Haruki: Are you sure?

??: You will be alive and you can still be yourself.

Haruki smiles and says “Okay, I trust you. Thank you.”

Suddenly a portal of light appeared in front him.

???: Step in the light to fuse.

Haruki did what the voice told him to do. When he did, he began to feel whole.

Then the voice says, “From here on, you and I are one.”

Haruki: We are one.

???: The next to thing do is…

Haruki/???: Awake.
Haruki Prologue
this is a preview of the Haruki Prequel.

what do you think?

I'm thinking of doing the prequel and Hiro part 2 at the same time
Almost done with Part 1 of the Hiro Chronicles.

Get ready for part 2.

For the ones who like Asuna and Kiba, they will have a bigger part in part two. Yin and Yang may appear as well

Like I said, Part two will focus more on Hiro's bond with his friends and his dark powers.

Look out for

Hiro part 2 , Bond


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