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Genki by kdrj4402
Genki Saru

One of Hiro's best friends.
Fun loving monkey and thief.
Soon to be a treasure hunter.

Art by 
Roku and Hiro by kdrj4402
Roku and Hiro
Roku and Hiro 
Master and student with a father and son bond.
In fact in part 2 will focus on Bonds between friends and mentors

Art by…

Chapter 11
Reunion part 2

Hiro opens his eyes and finds himself in a white void. There was nothing but emptiness. There was no one around.

Hiro:  Where am I? Hellooooo? Anyone here?

Hiro wandered around trying to figure how he got here. He wondered if Lumina had something do with this.

Hiro: Lumina? Are you here?

Suddenly he hears a girl's voice saying, "Hiro?"

He turned around and was surprised to see Lily standing a few feet away from him.

"Lily?" Hiro says.

He started to pace towards her. However he stops half way.

Hiro: Wait a minute; this a dream. As soon as I get to her, she'll disappear just like last time.

Suddenly he felt his hands being grabbed. He sees Lily holding his both his hands. Then he sees her eyes filled with tears.

She smiles and says, "It's you. It's really you!"

Hiro: Lily is that...

Before he could finish a sentence, Lily began to fade away until she disappeared into thin air leaving him confused.

"What just happened?", he asks.

Then he hears Lumina's voice.

Lumina: That was a fragment of her soul reaching out to you.

Hiro: Lumina? Where are you? What do you mean fragment?

Lumina: The part of herself that's still fighting. However the Dark Seed is consuming her soul.

Hiro: Dark Seed? Wait-

He remembers that orb Clive and his henchmen used on the island. Then he remembers the last time he say Lily before Specter and Phantema kidnapped.

Hiro: What will happen if it does?

Lumina: She will become a Malfested. She is not the only one.
Suddenly he turns around and was shocked to see images of Asuna, Kiba, and five other shadows a few feet away from him.

Hiro: Asuna! Kiba! The Grigori got them too?!

Lumina: These are the fragments of their souls. You can only see two of them because you were able to reach out to them. You have the power to save them from the Grigori.

Hiro walks towards them however as he got closer to them, he felt so much sadness that a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Why am I sad?" Hiro asks he wiped the tear away, but his eyes were filled with tears. He closed his eyes for a moment to stop the tears. A moment later he opens his eyes and finds himself in his room in his bed.

Hiro: (Was that a dream? It felt so real.)
Then he sees Lily's pendent glowing for a while. He was confused about the dream and the pendent.

Minutes Hiro walks across the bridge to get to the Guild Hall.  As he was walking, he was wondering if Lily, Asuna, and Kiba are okay. Then he hears Jack yelling, "Hey! Over here!"
He sees Jack waving at him a feet away. He ran towards him.

Hiro: Hey Jack. What's up?

Jack: I was about come get ya. By the way, have you seen Dani around?

“Nope, haven’t seen her.”, Hiro says.

Jack: I guess she still at her house. I going head there now. Care to come?

Hiro: Sure okay. Where’s her house?

“At the east end of town. Let’s go.” Jack says as he walks ahead with Hiro following him.


After defeating the Behemoth, Jack, Dani, and Hiro returned to the Guild Hall and meets with Roku. However he heard everything about the Behemoth that attacked the town and he was not happy.

“Do you have any idea how many complaints I’ve kept getting about that monster attacking the town?!” he yelled.

The trio were so nervous that they tried to avoid eye contact with him.

Roku: Then I hear it’s because of a kid trying pick a fight with it.

Then he glared at Hiro.

Roku: I thought I told you to cut the solo act! Do you have any idea what could’ve happened?

Before Hiro could explain himself, Jack stepped forward and says “Master Roku, I’m at fault here.”

“What do you mean?”, Roku asked.

Jack: It was my idea to split up to find that monster. I didn’t think Hiro would try to pick a fight with it though, but he did saved a life.

Dani: Also, we didn’t give him the communicator to contact us. However, we did defeat the monster and no one was hurt, right?

After hearing all that, Roku’s slowly faded away.

Roku: True, no damages and no one was hurt. Okay, I’ll this slide, for now.

Hiro was surprised that Jack and Dani would do that.

Roku: Dismiss.

Jack/Dani: Sir.

Jack gave Hiro a thumb’s up as he and Dani were leaving. Hiro was still in shock. He didn’t know what to say.

“Hiro.” Roku said sternly.

Hiro: Y-Yes.

Roku: You got off lucky this time, but maybe this experience will make you think twice before you pull another solo act. Remember, you’re not in Mugen anymore and that you’re part of a team now, got it?

Hiro: Got it.

Present Day……

Hiro and Jack made it to the Fountain Plaza.

“So which way?” Hiro asks.

Jack: You see the Marquis’s castle? She lives a couple houses away from it.

Hiro: Okay then.

They walked on to get to Dani’s house. Then Hiro thought about what happened yesterday.

Hiro: Hey, Jack?

Jack: Hmm?

Hiro: About yesterday, thanks.

Jack: No problem. A team leader must be responsible for his teammates.

Hiro: Well for now on, I won’t mess up team morale for you and Dani. I don’t want screw up like the last time.

Jack: *sigh* You know what your problem is?

Hiro: What?

Jack: You don’t know how to cut loose.

Hiro: Huh?

“You’re putting more pressure on yourself, making you afraid to make mistakes. People make mistakes all the time, just don’t let hinder you all the time. Know what I’m sayin’?” Jack says

Hiro was a bit surprised that he said that. “I see.”

Minutes later they made it to a house, similar to Roku’s.
Jack: This is it.

Jack knocks on the door and says, “Dani, are you here? It’s us.”

But no one answered. Then he knocked again, but still no answer. Jack was getting concerned.

“Something’s wrong.” He says.

Hiro: She’s probably not home. Maybe she went to the Guild Hall.

Jack: That wouldn’t be the case. Otherwise we would’ve pass by each other.

Jack sees an open window above them. He tries to climb in while Hiro was shocked and confused about his actions.

Hiro: What are you doing!?

“Going to see if she’s okay.” Jack says as he reached the window

Hiro: No! What you’re doing is Breaking and Entering!

However Jack climbed through the window and got inside leaving Hiro in disbelief.

Hiro:  Come on Jack! You gotta be kidding me!

However there was no responds from Jack. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

Hiro: (Does that idiot know what he just did?!) Jack!

Suddenly Jack opens the door and pulls Hiro inside.

Jack: Do you know how loud you are?  Will you just calm down?

Hiro: Jack, you just pulled a B&E in broad daylight and you expect me to calm down!?

Jack covers Hiro’s mouth and says, “Shhh! Listen.”
Suddenly they hear a loud door slam down the hallway.

Jack: Let’s go.

They silently head to the source of the sound. Then they come across a huge bedroom filled with chemistry sets, a computer, and research books stack neatly on the desk

Hiro: Is this Dani’s room?

Jack: Yeah.

Hiro: What’s with all this!?

Jack: Well around here, Dani is the local genius. She’s a tech whiz and mechanic. This room pales in comparison to her lab at the Guild Hall.

Hiro: She has a lab?

Suddenly they a thud. Jack sees a door and thinks that’s where the sound came from.
He and Hiro slowly tip toed towards the door. Jack turns the doorknob and quickly opened the door.  They were surprised to see Dani and she was surprised to them in her room.

“What the hell are you doing in my house!?” she yelled.

Hiro: Don’t look at me! Talk Mr. B&E here!

‘What are you doing in your closet?”, Jack asks.

Dani avoids eye contact with and says, “That’s no one of your business, Jack.”

Jack: Wait, are hiding because your sister’s coming back to town?

She remained silent.

‘Her sister?”, Hiro asks.

Jack: Zuri North. She’s one of the three Guild masters of the Dreamkeepers. She is one of the most powerful Mage warrior.

Dani: And she’s pissed!

“Wait, why would she be mad?”, Hiro asks.

Jack: Well…uh…

Hiro: What?

Dani steps out of her closet and says, “That mission to get you off that island?”

Hiro: What about it?

Jack: You see, that was Zuri’s mission.

 Hiro: Really?

“Before she left, I switched Port Crystals so Jack and I could take that mission.” Dani says.

Hiro: But everything worked out, ya know? We defeated Clive and the Gurau Island is safe. So she wouldn’t mad about that.

Suddenly Dani closes in to Hiro’s face with a terrified look on her face.

Dani: You don’t understand, Hiro. There’s a reason why she’s known as the Lavender Demon. She took down two behemoths in five minutes. Can you imagine anyone like that getting mad at you?

When she said that, Hiro imagined a demonic monster fighting two behemoths. The way Dani described her made him think that Zuri might a lot scarier than Roku when he’s mad.
Hiro: (I don’t think I want to meet her.)

Minutes later, they were heading back to the Guild Hall. Dani is worried that Zuri could be there waiting for her.

Jack: Everything's going to be okay. So relax, Dani.

Dani: Jack, you know how she gets when she's mad.

Jack: I never told you to switch Portal Crystals while she wasn't looking.

Dani: Only because I thought it was a simple mission; get Hiro off that Island and bring him here.

"But still things worked out, right?", Hiro says.

Jack: Well , let's just hope Zuri sees it that way.

Suddenly they hear someone yelling, "Thieves!"

They turn around and sees a group compose of an older humanoid rabbit, known as a Lepus, named Kaden, who Jack and Dani's age, his little brother name Ezra, who is the same age as Hiro,  a Racconian , a humanoid raccoon , name Preed who is also Hiro's age.

Dani: Oh it's you guys.
"Who are they?", Hiro asks.

Jack: Kaden, Ezra, and Preed. They're from the Raven Guild.

Hiro: Raven Guild? So there's other guilds besides the Dreamkeepers Guild?

Kaden: Quiet! All right you thieves, where is it!?

"Where's what?", Jack asked.

Ezra: Don't play dumb with us!

Preed: We know that you guys stole it.

Dani: Stole what?

"What are you rambling about now, Kaden?", Jack said annoyed.

Kaden: As if you don't know.

Dani: No we don't know. What was stolen?

Preed: Our trophy that's what.

Hiro, Dani, and Jack rolled their eyes in annoyance about their accusations of a trophy.

Hiro: That’s it?

Dani: You’re really going to pick a fight with us because of that?!

Kaden: The BRAWL trophy was undeniable proof that you and the Dreamkeepers are nothing but losers. So what did you do to it?

Kaden looked at them with suspicion.

“Was it your thieving friend?”

"Hey got nothing to do with him! " Dani exclaimed.

Jack: Even if he did; serves you right.

“Yeah, you didn’t deserve it.”, Dani says.

Ezra: Shut up!  Kaden is the best in the world! Nobody can beat him!

Preed: Say Kay, should we repeat that moment that you beat Jack in the final.

He laughs and says "Now you're talking!"

Kaden's gang was ready to fight them.

Kaden: You know I will let it slide if you all get on your knees and say I'm the best there is.

Jack: Yeah right. Like we stoop that low!

Suddenly Hiro begins to walk towards Hiro with his head down.

Jack: Hiro?

"At least one of you has some sense." Kaden says.

Dani: Hiro, what are you doing?

Jack: You can’t be serious, man!

Hiro appears to be getting on his knees. Jack and Dani were shock to see what he was doing. Kaden and his gang were laughing. Suddenly before his knee touch the ground, Hiro surprise Kaden with a powerful uppercut that sent him flying across the ground. Ezra and Preed were shocked to see their leader on the ground.

"You Bastard!", Ezra says as he was going to punch Hiro, but Jack caught his fist just in the nick of time.

"Don't think so.", he says as he tossed Ezra to Kaden's location.

Suddenly Preed ran pass Jack to get Hiro. Then Dani appeared in front of him and kicked him towards Kaden and Ezra. Then Kaden's gang stood up staggering. They know they were no match for them.

"This isn't over, Jack!" Kaden said as he stood up. Then he glares at Hiro.

Kaden: And you! Who are you anyway?

Hiro: The new member of the Dreamkeepers Guild. The name's Hiro Vangard. Get that
memorized, Carrot Breath.

"This ain't over by a long shot!" Kaden says as he and his gang leaves the scene.

Jack: You know you had us worried there for a second, Hiro.

Hiro: You guys didn't really think I was going to bow down to someone like him?

"You're full of surprises, I'll give you that." Dani says.

Hiro: Thanks. By the way, who was Kaden talking about?

Jack: Well...

"Who cares? Master Roku is waiting for us and you know how he gets when we’re late for training." Dani says in anger as she walks ahead.

Jack: Let' not mention it again around her, okay?

Hiro: Um...okay.

Minutes later they made it to the Dreamkeepers Guild Hall. Dani looked around the place hoping Zuri wasn’t there.

“She’s not here, that’s good.”, she said in relief.

Hiro: Is she really that scary, Dani?

Before she could answer, they hear a loud voice screaming “WHERE IS SHE!?”

Suddenly a brown skin woman with lavender colored hair was walking towards them. She had an angry expression that scared Hiro, Jack, and Dani

Hiro: Is that Zuri!?

Dani: Y-Y-Yeah. Zuri, let me explain….

Then Zuri grabbed Dani by her ear and says, “Oh please, please explain why you switched crystals and I ended up in the wrong place! Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was for me to look for some kid who wasn’t there to begin with?! Please explain that, Genius!”

Hiro: But everything worked out in the end, ya know?

“Keep quiet, Hiro. She’s mad enough as it is”, Jack says.
Suddenly Zuri glared at Hiro and Jack. Her glare gave them a jump scare.

Zuri lets Dani go and approached Hiro and says, “Wait, your name’s Hiro Vangard?  So you’re Sol and Luna’s son.

He was shocked that she knew that.

Hiro: How did you know?

Zuri smiles and says, “Your mother was my teacher ten years ago and your old man was the head Guildmaster of the Dreamkeepers. In fact Sol, Luna, and Roku made this Guild.

Hiro: Wait, are you saying that my parents lived here and made this group?

“Yes.”, Zuri said.

This was a surprise for him. He never knew what his parents did before the Rebellion War. He never knew that they once travel to different worlds like this one.

Before Hiro could ask more questions, Roku ran pass them and yells, “The Malfested are attacking the town now!”

Everyone was shocked when he said.

Moments later they all made to the Fountain Plaza. They were shocked to see the Malfested running rampant all over the place. The people were at a state of shock seeing those monsters.
Before they could do anything to stop the monsters, a portal appeared and a Tarvos and a Vulpe emerged from it.

"Alastair!", Roku yelled.

Alastair laughs, "So you remember me huh?"

Mizaru: Yo, I’m Mizaru, and that lynkas kid is Hiro, right? The one Specter couldn't beat?
Hiro was ready to fight them.

Hiro: So if I am, Mutt?

Mizaru: Oh you want fight huh?

Mizaru was ready to fight him but Alastair stopped him.

Alistair: Now, now, don't fight him; let his old friend take care of him.

Hiro: Huh?

Suddenly from the dark portal a Catus with a dark aura surrounding her body and demonic wings on her back appeared in front of everyone.

Mizaru laughs and says, "Well kid, do you recognize her?"
He couldn't believe that he can recognize her.

Hiro: That can't be........ Lily?!
Hiro Chapter 11 reboot
Jack is known to be eccentric.
Dani is scared of her sister

Kaden, Ezra, and Preed make their return.

tell me what you think
Part 1 will end at chapter 15

to  the arcs of part 1

New World arc
Save Lily arc 
Genki Arc


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