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Chapter 9
The Truth

It has been ten hours since Hiro passed out from fighting Specter. Dani often check in on him in the infirmary, on hopes that he will wake up. Then she thought about what Roku told her and Jack about Hiro’s situation.

Ten hours earlier…..

After Roku puts Hiro in the infirmary, he sees Dani and Jack talking about earlier.

“You don’t think he’s mad at us?”, Jack asked.

Dani: Why would he be mad?

Jack: Well…leaving him hanging like that. We could’ve helped him when Specter attacked his home and being stuck on that island.

Dani:  It wasn’t our fault, Jack.  Everything was spiraling out of control back then.

“He won’t be mad.”, Roku said as he approached them.

Jack: You think so?

Roku: Trust me, I know Hiro well enough to know that what he did earlier wasn’t in anger. It was his stubbornness.

Dani: Master, why is he like that?

Roku:  It’s the way he is. He tries shoulder all the burden of others to himself. As a result he often tries to handle everything himself. He’s not used to relying on others and asking for help. When he wakes, tell him to come see me, okay?

Dani: Yes sir.

Ten hours later…..

Dani: Why can’t you wake up, Hiro? I’ll check on you later, okay.

Dani is about to leave the infirmary, until she turned around and sees him moving.

Dani: Hiro?

Hiro opened his eyes and finds himself in the infirmary. Dani was relieved to see him awake at last.

Dani: Hey, you're finally awake, Hiro!

Hiro: Oh hey, Dani.

He tried to get out of bed, but he was still a little dizzy.

“Hey, don’t overdo it, you’ve been asleep this whole time.” Dani says.

Hiro: Oh right. Ha-ha. By the way how long was I out?

Dani: You've been out for ten hours. Right now it is mid-night.

Hiro couldn't believe that he's been asleep for ten hours.

Hiro: Ten hours?!  Are you serious?! Man, it didn't feel like it was ten hours. So what did I miss?

Dani: Well, Master Roku carried you here. We were worried that you wouldn’t wake up

Hiro: Oh. Sorry to worry everyone.

Dani smiles and says, "Don't worry about it. It really shows that you have friends here that care.”

“So, are you feeling all right?” she asked.

Hiro:  Yeah. All better. So you guys aren’t mad about earlier?

Dani: Well, I could understand after everything you went through.  As for Jack; more than likely he'll cut you some slack. Actually he was worried that you were made at us.

“Why would he think that?”, Hiro asks.

Dani: You may have to talk to him about it. And also Master Roku wants to talk to you as well.

“Oh boy, another lecture.” Hiro says.

Dani: He's just worried about you.

Hiro: I know that. It's what happens before the lecture.

"What?", she asks.

Hiro: It's that glare of his. The look in his eyes is like staring Death in the face.

Dani:  You're exaggerating.

Hiro: You'll see soon.....

Meanwhile, on a world of darkness, in the center of city of the dark called Valhalla, an ominous castle is where a group called The Grigori reside.
In the throne room where a humanoid Vulpe, humanoid fox, with two tails name Mizaru is waiting the others to show up. Then a humanoid bull, known as a Tarvos, appeared from the dark portal, name Alastair.

Mizaru: Whassup Al, my man? Been a while, huh?

Alastair: It’s Alastair. How can you be so relaxed?

Mizaru: Hey I just like being chilled.

Alastair: Right. Where are the others?

Mizaru: Busy I guess. So what’s wrong, buddy? You look disappointed."

Alastair: The Mytics are nothing more than children.

Mizaru: Hey I think they got potential. Well few of them anyway.

Alastair: You mean Lily and the other two at Xing and the other two with Romulus.

Mizaru: I guess you didn't talk to Phantema.

Alastair: What are you talking about?

Mizaru: There’s one with a hidden power; powerful enough to resist her spell and powerful enough to defeat Clive with no problem.

Alastair: You mean Hiro Vangard?

Mizaru: Yep. Even took down someone powerful as Titan.

A dark portal appeared before them.

“That was nothing more than a fluke.” Specter says as he emerged from the portal.

"Just you? I was hoping someone important would show up" Mizaru says.

Specter: Will you shut up?

Mizaru: Hey don’t get mad me for failing your mission again.

“I’ve done my part, you imbecile.” Specter says in annoyance.

Mizaru: Wrong!

Alastair: Your mission was to bring Hiro to Valhalla.

Mizaru: And you were supposed to bring the Crystal, too. So I’m guessing you failed again, I see. What’s the matter? Was the boy too much for you to handle?

Specter: He’s far too weak to beat me. Besides Etro got in my way.

“Remember where your arrogance got you the last time.” Alastair says.

Specter: Whatever.

Suddenly a dark portal appears and a six foot hooded man known as The Fallen walked out of it.
Mizaru, Alastair, and Specter bowed to the hooded man.

“Master.”, they all said.

Alastair: Master , where are the others?

The Fallen: They’re fulfilling their missions in many worlds. I have one for you two. I want you to find Hiro to test his abilities. Take the young lady with you.

Alastair: As you wish, master.

“Yeah, we can probably do a better job than that idiot, Specter.”, Mizaru says.

As soon as he said that, Specter grabbed him by the neck.

“Don’t insult me you-“

Mizaru was able to break free from his grip and was about to attack him, but Alastair stood in his way.

Alastair: Enough. Mizaru let’s go.

As they were leaving, Mizaru glared as Specter as he was passing by him.

Specter:  Master, how is it, that Hiro wasn’t infected like Lily.

The Fallen: I cannot say. But it will be interesting to see how the boy will control the powers or will those powers overtake him.  

Specter: I see.

The Fallen: Now then Hiro, let see you survive the onslaught. Especially that I have pawns in different worlds. (Laughs evilly)

Back at Haven, Hiro and Dani walked down the hallway until they reached the Dojo.  Hiro looked around for Roku. The only one in there is Jack in a deep meditative trance.

"Where's Roku?, Hiro asks.

Dani: I guess he's still out on patrol. Keep in mind, you were out for ten hours.

Hiro: Right. Hey Jack.

Jack didn't respond to him. He was in a deep meditative state.

"Helloooooo!" Hiro says as he wave his hand in front of Jack's face.
"Is he all right?", Hiro asks

Dani: He's fine. He's in a deep meditative trance right now.

Suddenly in a soft voice,  Jack says, "Drip.....Drip.....Drip......Drop.

Hiro: Drip, Drip, Drip, Drop?

Dani: He says every time he's in that state.

Hiro: Um....Jack?

Jack: Drip...Drip...Drip...Drop.

Hiro: Doesn't this creep you out that he's in a deep trance, not responding  and the only thing he's saying drip, drip, drip, drop?

Dani: Sometimes. I asked him why does he do that.

Hiro: What did he say?

Dani: The only he said was to calm his mind.

Hiro: Really?

Jack: Drip....Drip....Drip.....Drop.

Hiro: Can I ask you something? Why does he think that I'm mad at you guys, anyway?

Dani: You being left behind when your world was being destroyed and that you were stuck on an island alone.

Hiro: What happened to you at Mugen? When I woke up you guys disappeared.

Dani: Thank that freak in the mask.
"Specter?" Hiro asks.

Dani: He stormed in the house with those monsters saying that "I will put an end to you all." Roku fought him off him while we tried to get to you. But those monsters surrounded us. Specter defeated Roku. Before we could fight him; a mysterious woman appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Lily. Her grandfather ran after him afterwards
When he heard all that, Hiro became upset.

Dani:  What's wrong, Hiro?

Hiro: It's my fault. I could've done something help you guys. All that was happening and I was asleep!?

Dani:  It was nobody's fault. Anyway luck would have it, a girl in white appeared and brought us here.

Hiro: Lumina.

Kaden: Huh?

"That's her name. She saved me too." Hiro says.

"I see. Well anyway the whole time  while you were on that island, Jack was upset about losing a new friend." Dani says.

Hiro: He did, huh?  If Jack can hear me....I'm not mad at you guys. I'm mad at Nero and Specter for causing all this mess.  And now I'm bored.

Suddenly Jack stands up and says, "In that case, how about a sparring match between you and me."

"All right I'll take you on Jack!" Hiro exclaimed.
Hiro and Jack walked to the center of the room and faced each other.

Dani:  Okay, ready…..

Jack: No holding back Hiro. I want to see how strong is Master Etro's student.

Hiro: Same to you, Jack.  

Dani: Begin!

Jack throws the first punch, but Hiro blocked it. Then he uses a front kick, but Jack blocks. They throw jabs and kicks at each other, until Jack tried to punch him, but Hiro caught his hand and throws him over his shoulder and to the floor. Dani was amazed when that happened. Jack gets up to fight him again. The two were tired, but they their spirits kept them going. The fight ended with the two of them punched each other on the face at the same time, knocking each other out.

Jack: (panting) Have to hand it ya, you're really tough.

Hiro: (panting) Hey, you're not bad yourself.

Jack sits up and says, "Ha, I know."

Hiro sits up and glares at him.

Then Jack looks at him and laughs. Hiro started to laugh as well. Then Jack holds his hand out to him.

Jack: Friends?

Hiro: Friends.

The two shook hands. Dani surprised about how the fight ended.

Dani: Master Roku taught you well.

"But I still got a long way to go, ya know?", Hiro says.

"That is right." Roku says as he enters the room.

Dani and Jack bowed to him.

"Master.", they said.

Hiro, show some respect will ya?!", Jack says as he pulls him to bow.

"At ease young ones.'', Roku says.

"Uncle Roku, can you please tell me what's going on?", Hiro says.

Roku walks to the center of the room with look of concern. The others sat around him.

Roku: As you already know that you and your friends are the chosen warriors of Ragnarok.

Hiro: Yes sir.

Roku: However, the only one could use all of Ragnarok's powers was your father when he was your age.

Hiro was shocked to hear that his father had these powers when was his age. This was new to him.

Hiro: Wait, you mean my dad was able to use all of Ragnarok's powers? But why are they all separated then?

Roku: All I can say is that someone may've used a spell on Sol that was able to extract Ragnarok from with him. Remnants of Ragnarok were scattered and their way to you and your friends. When that process was over, Sol was severely weak.

Hiro remembered what Specter said before.

(Specter:  I guess it’s time for me to go kiddies. Before I leave, I just got one thing to say, If you happen to encounter Lily or any of the others, you may not like the results.

Hiro: What do you mean?

Specter: The Lily you know will be lost forever.)

Roku looked at him with concern.

"Is the something the matter, young one?", he asks.

"It's just that, I remember what Specter said about if we encounter Lily or the others, we may not like the results. He also mention something about the Grigori.", he says.

Roku: Well as for his words; The Grigori considered themselves as Judges of life. They have the ability to infect their victims. The darkness corrupts the minds of his victims for them to control them to do their bidding.  And the people Specter was talking about may’ve been the other Mystics.

Jack:  Wait a sec, Hiro didn’t you say something about her being in trance when you last saw her?

Hiro remembered the last time he saw Lily just before his world was destroyed.

Roku: She may’ve been infected she was in the dark realm.

“I was in there, too but I’m not infected.”, Hiro said.

Roku: Now I'm curious, exactly how did you all come out of the darkness without being infected?

Hiro tried to remember what happened when he was in the darkness. The only he could remember was a strange light.

Hiro: A weird light appeared out of nowhere and then the darkness disappeared.

Roku thought to himself:

( Could it be....?)

Dani: Master?

Roku:  Hiro, does Lily still have her pendent?

Hiro remembered the pendant Lily always carried around. He pulled it out of his pocket.

Hiro: You mean this?

Roku: The Gem can track down the Crystals.

Everyone looked confused when he mentioned the Crystals.

Jack: Crystals?

Roku: According to Sama, there are eight Crystals of Ragnarok: The crystals of fire, light, ice, water, wind, thunder, darkness, and earth. They are the keys in defeating the Grigori. The Gem can only be used with the power of light. In other words only Lily has the  power to track them.  

That's why she was capture.

"Then we gotta her save before it's too late!" Hiro exclaimed.

Roku: Cool your jets, Hiro. We're doing everything we can to find her.

Dani: We're using a tracker crystal to find her. It can pinpoint her location.

Jack: The problem is Specter seems to have the power to block the cystal's power.

"Or someone from the Grigori." Hiro says when he remembers Phantema.

Hiro: Are they also called The Fallen?

Roku was shocked when mentioned The Fallen.

"Where did you hear that name?", he asks.

Hiro: I heard it from Lumina.

Roku: I see. The Fallen is the name of the leader of the Grigori.

Hiro: That's bad.

Roku: It's getting late now. Everyone head to your homes and rest. We have a long day tommorow.

Jack and Dani: Yes sir.

Dani and Jack leaves the room leaving Hiro and Roku alone.

Hiro: Uhh...Home?

"Follow me. We have a lot to talk about." Roku says.

Later that night, Hiro followed Roku across a long bridge over a river. Then he looks at the night sky and sees the Blue Moon.

Hiro:  (The Blue Moon. It's been a while seen I've seen it.)

Two months ago.....

On the night of the Blue Moon, Hiro and Lily sat on top of the summit starring at the Blue Moon.

"The Blue Moon looks beautiful."Lily said.

Hiro: It is.

Lily:  Want to know what Grandpa told me about it?

“What’d he say?”, Hiro asked.

“He said that the Blue moon can grant the people a wish they truly desire.” she said.

Hiro: You really believe that?", Hiro asked.

Lily: What's wrong with believing in that?

Hiro: It kinda sounds like a fairy tale.

Lily: Come on, aren't you just a little curious, Hiro?

Hiro thought about it for a moment and says, "Okay a little. By the way, what did you wish for?"

Lily: My memories to return. What about you Hiro? What would you wish for?

Hiro Um....

He thought about it for a while.

"If I made a wish, I would wish to go on a journey." Hiro said.

"A journey?", Lily asked.

Hiro: Yeah. I want to be able see the rare sights and meet new people. Anywhere outside of this world.

Lily: I don't blame you after everything that's happened here lately.

Hiro: Yeah....

Lily smiles and says, "I hope both our wishes come true."

Hiro: Yeah same here.

Lily: Hey Hiro, let's go first thing tommorrow.

Hiro: What?

Lily: Leave on a journey; just the two of us!

Hiro was shocked when she said that. Then Lily laughed and says "Just kidding you!"

Hiro laughed and says, "You're weird solmetimes."

Lily: Look who's talking. But on a serious note, I really hope our wishes come true and the two of us can go on that journey.

Hiro: I hope so, too.

Present day.....

Hiro looks at the Blue Moon with one wish in mind However he wasn't paying to Roku when  he stop walking. Hiro bumps into him.

"Why'd you stop?", Hiro asks.

Roku turns to him and says, " I want to talk you about your little solo act you tried to pull in Eden."

Hiro: Huh?

Roku: For starters where was Sama when you went Eden.'

Hiro: The guards knocked out by the guards, but I didn't go by myself, Jack and Dani were there.

Roku: You know what; I'm sorry. It's just tha, you do this kindof thing all time back then. The reason I wanted you part of the guild so you could be able to work with others and make some friends. I see you get along with Jack and Dani.

Hiro: They're cool.

Roku: You will be assigned to be on their team.        

Hiro" Okay....

Roku notices that he's till upset about something.

"You're worried about Lily, aren't you?", he asks.

Hiro: Yeah....

Roku puts his hand on his shoulder and says, "Do not worry, Hiro. We will do whatever it takes to save her. Trust me."

Hiro smiles and says, "Yeah. Yeah,  you're right."

Roku: Okay, let's go home for now.

"Where?" HIro asks.

"Follow me." Roku says as he walks ahead. Hiro follows close behind.

Minutes later they made to two story house.

"This is your home?" Hiro asked.

Roku: Our home.

Inside was almost like their home back at Mugen.

Roku: Your room is upstairs, first door to your right.

"All right." Hiro says he heads up stairs.

Roku: Hey...

Hiro: Hmmm?

Roku smiles and says, "Cheer up, Hiro. Things will pick up, you'll see."

Hiro: Thanks. Will do.

Hiro made it to his room and lay on his bed. Then he pulled out Lily's pendent and thought the last conversation they had before their world was destroyed.

(Lily: How many other worlds do you think are out there, Hiro?

Hiro: Well, I remember I asked my mom that. She says that the worlds are like the stars.  There are an infinite number of them out there. One day I hope to see them all.

Lily: You think my world is out there, too?

Hiro: I think so.

 Lily: I can’t wait to see it, along with the other worlds. When that time comes, will you come
with me?

Hiro: Yeah of course.)

HIro:  (Lily, hang in there. We'll save you. I promise)
Hiro chapter 9 reboot
Tell me what you think of the changes.?

Like before Basho, Sora, Rin, and Tetsu will not be in  the reboot
like I mentioned before, I 'm stuck with the current story. The reason is, I'm thinking another way to the story.
For example, Roku is Hiro's adopted father. Kaden and Ezra have a different role. Hiro and Lily are still childhood friends with missing memories. The Crusaders are a guild. Main Character list. Instead of Renkai, they are Elemental Mystics. Instead of the  Reapers, a group called The Ravagers. 

Hiro Vangard
Lily Highwind
Kiba Kazma
Dani North
Aleu Kazma
Jack Prishe
Genki Saru
Roku Etro
Mira Vinyard

Pretty much try to combine The Hiro Chronicles and Sol prequel. 

I said maybe I write it.


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